Thursday, December 17, 2009

Story #244: Birthday girl for the 24th time

I still can't fathom how fast time flies. It feels like I have just gotten back from my Thanksgiving break. But it's almost Christmas now. It's a week to Christmas. *gasp* where did the time go??? There is so much that happened in the past few weeks after the Thanksgiving trip to Texas. We went back to school, done lots of assignments, and had our finals. I remember crying a few times during the last two weeks of school because there were just too much to do and deadlines to meet. I felt so overwhelmed with making websites and fulfill the perfectionist that is in me. I also spent lots of hours in the film lab developing the perfect pictures for my final portfolio. I am so glad that all of that is over now!!!

I am so glad that my hard work has paid off. I did well in my finals and all of my assignment deadlines were met. I wasn't late for anything! One of my photographs is chosen to be in the Dixie College's Spring art show too. I also had my piano recital yesterday. It was a great experience and now I can tell people that I have played in front of a crowd. Now that all of the tasks are over, it's time for me to blog about my birthday.

Sad, I know. I should have blogged about this a long time ago but I just didn't have the time to. But I can't do myself and Mr.L the justice if I don't blog about it either. All I can say is I had a fabulous birthday and I couldn't have asked for more. I am very happy with the Canon T1I Mr.L got me. Even though I was expecting it, I was still really surprised the day he brought the present out to me. It was before my birthday that he gave me my present. He said that I would be able to use it on our trip to Texas and I couldn't have agreed more. I love love love the camera. It's my first DSLR and it's also a video camera.

The day Mr.L gave me the present, I cried. Not because I was too happy for the long awaited DSLR, but because of the site that he made me. Here are the screenshots of the site he coded. Even though Mr.L is an advanced website coder, it still took him a while to make this program/puzzle. It was also the things he wrote in there that touched me so much. He spoke of our meeting, our wedding, our life together, and also his best wishes for me. Ahhh....he is so sweet!!

When I was in Texas for Thanksgiving, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Pancho and Mr.L's family told the server that my birthday was coming up in a couple of days. So the server announced it to all of the customers at the restaurant...REALLY LOUDLY. Everyone applaud. It was pretty embarrassing but it was sweet. The servers sang me a happy birthday song that I heard on one of the "Emperor's New Groove" scenes, when the restaurant people huddled up to Yzma and sang her a birthday song so Pacha and Kuzco could sneak out. No pinata for me though. Next time I am celebrating a real Mexican birthday.

When you are 24, I don't think you are that eager to celebrate your birthday anymore. But I was
still pretty excited about it. On my birthday we had school. So we couldn't have a elaborate celebration. But we went to this restaurant in St. George that I have always wanted to go. It's called Basilas. It's a Greek restaurant. I'd never had greek food before so it was a treat for me. This was what I ordered. Ohh...the deliciousness. I just wish that it's not so expensive so we can go eat there more often.

At night, my sweet mother-in-law had a birthday party for me. She bought me my favorite kind of cake--Cheesecake. We also had the birthday tradition of opening the birthday presents in front of the family and have the birthday person wish the present-giver something nice in return of the present.

I am so blessed to have this loving family here with me when my own family is so far away. My sweet sister is sending me a scripture bag made of Kangaroo skin all the way from Australia. My mom sent me some $$ cause she knew I needed it. haha... All I can say is I had a GREAT birthday. It's my first birthday in Utah, one that I think I will remember for a long long time.

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