Thursday, December 17, 2009

Story #245: Christmas List

Everyone is making their Christmas list now. I don't see the point in that because most people can't afford to buy presents on most lists anyways. At least that's the case for adult's Christmas list. It is easy to please little children because their lists are simple and the presents are almost too easy to get. Adults are harder to please because we either want things that are way too expensive (the things we ourselves can't even afford) or we want things that are not tangible, such as a white Christmas in Hawaii, love, family...

But (you're right, there's the big 'BUT', and I know I am contracting myself), it's REALLY fun to compile a list, any lists. I think we are genetically engineered to adore making list. At least I am. So I guess it doesn't matter if I get the present on my list or not, the list-making itself is satisfying enough for me.

Here we go:
1. Vintage 50s dress pattern. I can't believe how expensive these dress patterns are. Some of them are like over $100. It was only a dollar or 50 cents a piece back in the days! Talk about decreasing in money value.

2. A typewriter. I miss typing away on the loud type writer. I miss the fonts and everything about it. They are so ridiculously expensive!!! Sigh...

3. A cruiser bike completed with a seat at the back, pegs, basket in the front, and a bell. Oh...also, a cushioned seat and leopard-patterned sprayed painted body. Yes, I WANT a customized bike.

4. Okay, now to more tech-y stuff. A new laptop. I don't care if it's PC or Mac, my iBook is getting way too old and slow. I wish Mac is cheaper and FASTER. I can't believe how slow Mac really is. But the whiteness is really hard to resist!

5. Wireless remote for my ipod nano. I am so lazy. I can't even walk five steps to the table where my ipod nano and the speaker are to change the songs.

6. A modern turntable with the USB input.

7. A tripod for my camera so I can take self-portrait however and whenever I want. This is really handy if I want to save $ and take my own wedding anniversary photoshoot and family photoshoot. Photographers are REALLY expensive.

8. A set of non-stick and stainless steel pots and pans. I am sick of worrying if I am going to be intoxicated by the food I cook in some of the not-so-good-quality pots I owned. Better yet, I want the kind of pots that can retain the nutrients and vitamins of the food you cook.

9. Wide-angle lens. I want to be a landscape photographer so I NEED/WANT a wide-angle lens.

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