Saturday, December 26, 2009

Story #246: This year's Christmas celebration was

heaps of fun! It's Mr.L's and my first Christmas after we're married. I am so glad that we get to spend it with his family because we celebrated our first-ever Christmas together last year in Malaysia with my mom.

On Christmas eve, I
* got a phone call from my sister from Australia telling me she got an iphone from her sweet beau.
* cooked Tortilla soup in a crock pot for my mother-in-law. (I am not afraid of using crock pot now! yay!!)
* wrapped some presents for the White Elephant game for the night
* snacked A TON!
* had a great family party at our house
* took pictures of little cousins hitting the Spongebob pinata.
* fall in love with tortilla soup by Bear Creek
* played Imaginiff
* laughed A LOT
* got a mini purple Hawaiian backpack from the White Elephant game.
* stayed up late and watched Home Alone with the family.
* heard 2 really great stories about Jesus Christ (The Other Wise Man & The Three Trees).

On Christmas Day, we
* got up at 10-ish (which is pretty early for a holiday) and ran downstairs to the Christmas tree.
* opened lots of presents and watched all the nicely wrapped presents paper being torn.
* Tale Spin!!!
* watched my favorit-est Christmas movie, Elf.
* Christmas dinner with the family
* made a logo for my business
* got a phone call from Mama dear
* watched the family play Monopoly champion

I love my family and I am so happy to spend it with them. All the best in the New Year, y'all.
A belated Christmas wish to everyone!! Merry, Merry Christmas!

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