Monday, January 04, 2010

Story #248: Christmas Card Making

It was in the summer of 2009 that I was introduced to card-making. While browsing a friend's blog, I saw some cute cards she made. Following some of the links on the sidebar of her blog, I visited MANY talented card-makers. From then, I started reading their blogs and admired their artwork. I also tried to make some cards but they weren't really that great. I spent a lot of $ on the card-making tools, especially the rubber stamps.

When I found digital stamps, my card-making experienced changed. I no longer need to spend that much money on the stamps. I also focus more on coloring the print-out. I saved a tons of $ on stamps and inks. Anyways, I made some cute cards over the Christmas break and gave them away to my neighbors. I should have made more cards but I got lazy and out of ideas.

This card was meant for my sister and her boyfriend in Australia but I gave it to our neighbor because we went over to their house to visit and we had no gift to bring with us.

This was for my friend who is now on her mission.

The last two cards I made were for my visiting teacher and the sister I visit teach. They loved my cards!

Just a peek on how messy our bedroom gets once I started making cards.

I am so sorry if I promised I would send you a handmade card but never did. It was getting way close to Christmas when I started making these cards and it is now way after Christmas. I promise I will make some cards for some other events.

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Derek and Ivy's Story said...

i want the card!!! Give me back my card!!! ^^