Friday, February 05, 2010

Story #252: Haircut

It's been 6 months since I last got a haircut. That is sooo terrible! I used to get my haircut or trim every other month when I was in Malaysia. When I was in Hawaii, I cut my own hair for 3 years. I don't trust American hairstylists to cut my hair. I've gotten enough bad haircuts from them to come to the conclusion that I need to either cut my own hair or just fly back home to get my hair cut there.

Unfortunately, if I had the money to fly home just to get a haircut, I would not be in St.George now {(No matter how hard I try, I just can't love this city. Well, I don't hate it either, I just want to GET OUT OF HERE!) I can't cut my own hair either because I don't have the right equipment (yes, people. You need more than just some crappy scissors!) Therefore, in the end, I just have to settle for whatever haircut I can get here.

Since Chinese New Year is coming in about a week, I need to get a new hairstyle, new clothes, new shoes for the first day of CNY! That's the tradition that I strongly value and uphold. It gives me an excuse to shop too (What? No new clothes for CNY?? Take my life!!!) Anyways...after searching on the internet for a couple of hours for the most popular hairstyle in Asia (I can't stand the blunt cut in US), I finally decided on this hairstyle. I CANNOT WAIT to see how it turns out. I pray that the lady who cuts my hair won't disappoint me...for once.

Lena Fujii, a model for the popular Japanese fashion magazine.

I love bangs! it's my signature hairstyle. Apart from when I was a little girl, I got bangs when I was 17 and I never looked back ever since. I always have some kind of bangs. I thought I might get sick of bangs (sometimes I do when they are poking my eyes), but I always come back to it.

I will report on my new haircut after tomorrow :)

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