Thursday, February 18, 2010

Story #257: Chinese New Year

This wasn't the first time I celebrated Chinese New Year in the US. I celebrated 4 CNY in Hawaii (totally lame!!). If it wasn't for school, I would have totally gone home to celebrate. I cried in front of my whole family via the webcam every year. It was crazy. As a student we didn't really have any place to go to celebrate. We only celebrated with other Asian students in the chinese clubs in the classrooms. I did not enjoy any of it, seriously!

My last CNY was in Malaysia. OMG...tons of fun! I had so much fun and totally rebonded with my cousins and family. Seriously, you can't celebrate CNY without your family. So, I am going home next CNY.

Anyways, my CNY here in St.George was a first for me. I had a really good time! I think it was mainly because I desperately needed to be near Chinese speaking people (speaking Chinese to Mr.L was fun, but I yearn to hear some REAL Chinese). My good friend, Lia, invited me to her house for the CNY celebration on the eve of CNY. Her mom is a Taiwanese and prepared SO MUCH good food. I got to eat some duck meat (scrumptious!), nian gao, beef rib, and hot pot (steamboat). Man, oh man...It reminded me of home! I also made friend with a Taiwanese girl there, which was cool. I now have more Chinese friends here :) We took pictures like mad too!! Lia looked so cute in her mom's Chinese wedding dress and I wore my Chinese wedding dress as well! It was one of the CNY that I will not forget.

Hot pot/Steam boat

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