Saturday, February 20, 2010

Story # 259: SOS!!! User testing

Since I have switched my blog to the privacy setting, I have only invited 8 people to read my blog. I should invite more friends but I keep forgetting their emails. Anyways, for the 8 people who are reading my blog, please be so kind to leave me a comment for this post because I desperately needed to know what I should do.

You see, I am building a website for my photography. I have designed a few layouts for my site and have done some user testing in my web design class. But I still need to hear more from you guys. So I'll be posting my layouts in a minute and I hope you guys could take a look at them and tell me which ones you like, why, why not, what works, what should I consider changing, and any other suggestions. Constructive suggestions are always welcome!!

K, my business is going to be called "Enchanted Window Photography." How did I came up with this name? I was thinking along the line of something sweet, elegant, classy, and dreamy. And I wanted to have my name in it too. Thus, E on Enchanted also stands for Ee and W on Window also stands for Wen. Very subtle, right? Also, photography to me is like a window into seeing the world and life of the person I photography. I want my photography to be an enchanted or charmed way to portrait my clients' special moments in life.

These are the two color schemes I have chosen.


This is the logo I decided to go with (after designing at least 20 of them).

So here's my dilemma. Which one should I go with? Remember to tell me why and why not, k??

Please bear in mind that I am looking for something that conveys ELEGANCE, TIMELESSNESS, CLASSINESS

my clients would most probably be women or high school seniors (most probably girls).

p/s: You can click on the individual image to see them better if you want :)

Group 1 vs. Group 2


The main page. The photo is going to be a slideshow. And the menu bar will be drop down menu bars.

Blog. The white box in the center is where I will post a new entry in the form of a slideshow. People will be able to click on the thumbnails to see the pictures they want to see in the big white box. and the little white circles next to the big box will act like previous and next buttons. The top box where there are some pictures of the girl in them will be a slideshow.

My gallery/portfolio page. For this design, it is divided into categories and when you click on the category you want to see... will be brought into this page where you will be able to click on the thumbnails and see the pictures in their respective categories.

Group 2:

This will be the homepage, with the picture serving as a placeholder for the slideshow.
This is the gallery/portfolio page where people would come and look at my pictures. Again, the menu bar on top would have drop down menus for people to choose if they want to see, say, Kid's pictures, family pictures, teens, couples, or wedding.

The blog. It's pretty much the same as the blog in Group 1.

Thank you guys so so much for helping! I will let you know what I decide and when my website would be up. Thanks again!


Derek and Ivy's Story said...

the first group cause i like the colour better.

霓彩纷飞 said...


Leighton Whiting said...

I like the second group better, I like the green because it seems more fresh, and I think that users would rather be on a fresh looking site. The first one has some nice elements as well, maybe you can mix and match the designs and colors.

I don't think of 'enchanted' when i see the first colors, it seems too washed out.

jules said...

I like the colors in the second color scheme better, but I like the designs from the first set, which makes me like it better overall. Maybe if you did what Leighton said - combine the 2? I really like that faded pink color in the first set, though, I think it's very "you". So...I don't really know, this probably isn't very good advice!! If it were between the 2 - I vote for the first set. :)

Kiki said...

definitely the 2nd group...its looks more..professional and consistance somemore the layout looks different and more trendy~

Doreen Lee said...

I like the 3rd layout. It looks simple and clean.