Friday, February 19, 2010

Story #258: Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's Day was perhaps one of the most meaningful V-day celebrations I've had. I don't remember what Mr.L and I did last year. Maybe if I search the archive of my blog I'd find out...but I'm too lazy. So this year's V-Day fell on the first day of CNY, and Sunday. If I were in Malaysia, I would have been out visiting friends and family and collecting angpao/ red packets with money in them. Well, maybe I won't be collecting angpao since I'm married...but I'll still be getting some from people who still give me anyways. Since I am not in Malaysia and nobody celebrates CNY here in Toquerville, Mr.L and I had a great V-Day celebration together.

First, we slept in. When I woke up and get off of my bed, the first things I saw were the presents Mr.L gave me. He secretly put them on the floor before I woke up. Very sneaky. I love the presents. He was so thoughtful!! I gave him a card I hand made and a letter. Seriously, it is so hard to buy presents for men. They seem to be so content with everything they have.

Then, we went to church and teach the sunbeams about the Holy Ghost and getting all exhausted playing Daniel and the lion's den with them. After that, we came home and I went straight to the kitchen to prepare an AWESOME dinner for both of us.

We decided we would not celebrate with his family because we pretty much celebrated EVERYthing with them. We wanted the V-Day to just be for the two of us. So instead of dining with his family, we tranformed our cozy bedroom into a tiny restaurant. While I was preparing the dinner, Mr.L brought in a small table and 2 chairs, placed the roses he gave me in the middle of the table, lighted the strawberry-scented candle and played our wedding playlist. We had a GREAT V-Day. This really was a very meaningful V-day for me because instead of dining out like I always did, we made our own romantic dinner and it was so much fun!

The card I made

Blush pink roses

The candle I bought from Ross...for only 2 bucks

After the dinner, we drove to the La Verkin lookout to enjoy the romantic sunset.

Thanks for the great Valentine celebration and all the presents, Mr.L. And thank you for being my Valentine :)


Leighton Whiting said...

Thanks for being mine~ The dinner was delicious by the way :)

jules said...

wow, my hubby needs to take some lessons from yours!! This year Dusty finally at LEAST lit a candle, then we fell asleep watching Seinfeld, and our cat knocked the candle over and sprayed hot wax all over Dusty and the couch. So romantic, let me tell you. lol He's mine and I love him, though, even if he's not the most romantic guy! :)