Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Story #261: Zion's Canyon Lookout

On President's Day we went on a hike to Zion's Canyon Lookout. It was a relatively short hike and I had a great time checking out the cool canyons, got really close to the edge of the cliff, and took some pictures of the beautiful rocks. It was pretty cold when we went even though the sun was shining really brightly. There was still some snow on the ground. I love Zion a lot. Everytime I go there I feel like I am in an adventure land with lots of places to explore. I particularly enjoy the clean air and the beautiful nature. My mother-in-law's season pass is almost expired so we need to go to Zion as much as we can before the end of March. I am already planning to go hike the Emerald Pool hike when we return from our San Francisco trip (more about that next time). As of now, enjoy the pictures of the Canyon Lookout.

The following pictures aren't in order.

This was when we hiked to the top. It was a sweet spot and you can see the little tunnel window in the middle of the picture where we drove through.

i have no idea how high this was but I am sure you won't survive if you fall. It was so high that I felt my hands and feet got cold when I looked down.

A really pretty hill with all the snow and pine trees.

See that winding road down there? We drove on it before we got to the point where we hiked. Zion's National Park is SOOO pretty. I really live the majestic rocks.

The tunnel window we drove through.

This is the view of the bottom of the canyon. I started to imagine myself falling and oh..the agony.

Kendall was the first to get there. He looked like a monkey king.

The formation of the rock was really cool. Look at all the layers.

Jungle man!

This part was like a little cave that we had to hike into to get to the lookout.

This was the bottom of the lookout. We began our hike here. This tunnel was the same tunnel with the window that you saw previously.

When the snow melt, you can see the waterfall from the rocks.

I made it! It was such a relief that I did not fall down the cliff because of how clumsy I can be sometimes. Yahoo~~

Definitely come visit Zion when you have a chance. There's SO MUCH to see here. We met people from all around the world on the hike. It was really cool.

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Leighton Whiting said...

It was a lot of fun, can't wait to go back! I was worried for Sharon most of the time. You can't tell from some of the pictures, but we were right on the edge of the cliff. That tree was over the edge, and we sat on it.