Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Story #262: Colbie Caillat in St. George

Since all of you guys are my facebook friends, I guess you must have seen me posting about Colbie Caillat concert in my status. In fact, I think I have posted at least 5 times about it. That was how excited I was about seeing her live. When I first heard her song, "Bubbly," I wasn't that impressed. I was like, "That song gives me chill, in a bad way." Yeap. Now I am swallowing my own words. I LOVE her songs!!! Especially the songs in her second album. My favorite song of hers is "Realize." I sing to it everytime I hear it even though I don't know the words to it. Almost all of her songs give me a feeling of relief, relaxed, and floating in the air.

The concert was so good! It was more than I have anticipated. She was SO beautiful. When she came out on the stage and finished singing the first song, Mr.L was like, "She is GORGEOUS!!" And I totally agree. I love her hair, and her over-the-knee boots. She sounded as great as she was on her CD. I think the most exciting part for me was to see her play various string instruments, especially the ukulele. I have the worst case of nostalgia about Hawaii when she plays that instrument and told us about her experience in Hawaii.

One of her band mates was from Hawaii and he was really good too (I'll talk more about him later, cause he really was something). She performed, along with her band, about 10 songs. I screamed til my throat got scratchy by the end of the concert. One thing I regretted though was that I didn't rush to the front like the other girls to shake her hand and take pictures with her. I was sitting in the center of the 7th row (which in my opinion was one of the best seats in the whole auditorium because we were at the same level as the stage and directly facing her. Definitely a GREAT camera spot).

So, about the band mate from Hawaii... His name was Justin Young. VERY cute. He has a really good voice too. He's like her backup singer and acoustic guitar player. On the stage, they were constantly teasing each other, which was very cute and funny. He also opened for her concert. He sang about 5 songs that he wrote himself and one song a friend of his wrote. the song that his friend wrote was about missing home in Hawaii cause his friend went to Dixie State College too. I missed saying Aloha and when he said Aloha to the audience, I thought I screamed the loudest. There were also other Hawaiians in the audience because when he said he was from Hawaii, those people were like drumming their chairs and cheered really loudly. Oh my heck, writing about this makes me miss Hawaii even more! It's true how they say "Whatever happens in Hawaii stays with you forever!"

Anyways, here are some pictures of Colbie at the concert (I actually took about 150 of them).

Justin Young playing the Ukulele and playfully blocked Colbie from the audience.
Justin Young

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Claire said...

Oh....I wish I were there. I also love her songs.