Friday, March 19, 2010

Story #264: Cristina (Bridals and Wedding)

Few weeks ago, Nikki and I went and have a bridal shoot for her friend Cristina. I've never shoot bridal before so I was super excited about that. I was really nervous too. Anyways, the shoot turned out pretty great and I had fun exploring some places in St.George that I had never been before.

Here are some sneak peeks of the shoot. When my photography site is up I will post a lot more there.

Last week was Cristina's wedding in Las Vegas. I was sort of a photographer for her wedding. They didn't really hire me, I just went to get some experience photographing wedding. I was only able to take pictures of them at the dinner, not the wedding ceremony due to the no-outside-photographer policy at the love chapel they got married at. Anyways, Nikki and I drove down to Vegas the night before her wedding so that Nikki, who was also Cristina's maid of honor, could go get her hair done early in the morning with Cristina. Even though it was a 2 hour drive and I was pretty wasted (because we just flew in to Vegas from San Francisco and drove 2 hours home earlier that morning), I was really pumped up. I love road trips with friends. Nikki and I talked the whole way there. Girl talk is always fun!

The next day was eventful. We were up early and went to get their hair done. It was pretty windy that day in Vegas and I was worried that Nikki's car might flip over. Crazy desert weather~ We went shopping and got some cute clothes at H&M (I love that store!). We got lost a bunch of times because the roads in Vegas were so confusing! We had no idea where all the self-parking garages were for the casinos and malls. It was quite fun to get lost in the big city like that though.

Now let's talk about the casino hotels. I love the strip. There's so much going on there and so many nice things to see (minus all the porn pictures people hand out on the sidewalk). Though I've been to Vegas many times, I'm always amazed at the sight of the strip. The casinos are so grand!
We went and changed in the bathroom of Wynn Casino. I've always wanted to see Wynn since I've heard so much about how nice the interior was. There was a Ferrari sports car show in the casino too. Talk about extravagant!!!! (Geez people...what about the starving kids in the world?) We then went to Luxor to meet with Cristina and helped her get in her gorgeous gown. I don't particularly like the interior of Luxor. I think it's cool how it's shaped like a pyramid and all but the outside was more appealing to me. After the wedding at the love chapel (more on that next), we went and ate dinner at an Italian restaurant in the Forum shops at the Caesar's Palace hotel. Man...I love Caesar's palace! There were so many fountains there. The restaurant was right by the Fountain of the Gods, which I thought was super cool!

Ok, the wedding. It was amazing to see two people who love each other being married. It was a really special occasion for them and their kids. The ceremony was quick and there were like 5 other couples waiting to get married there. It was fun to see the workers there administer the wedding and every step was memorized and rushed. Cristina and Matthew were so funny and cute. With those two I believe they'll have a great life together. God bless and Congrats!!!

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