Saturday, March 20, 2010

Story #266: San Francisco: Day 2: Going South

When you travel to San Francisco you should definitely take day trips to its surrounding counties because SF city is pretty small (you can spend 2 days there and see basically everything). Mr. L and I spent half of our trip taking day trips out of the city and drove over 1000 miles in a week time.

These are on the way to McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

On our second day there, we woke up at like 6am and got ready to go down south. I wanted so badly to see the picturesque McWay Fall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, which was 3 hours away. I've seen amazing pictures taken there by David West Photography. So I thought we would go and check the place out. Fortunately, the whole way down there we were driving along the ocean and mountains. We were a few thousand feet from sea level and it was amazing to looked down at the Pacific ocean from one side of the road. Driving in the mountain range gave me a slight car sick because it was a very winding road with lots of dips and rises. But it was really worth the butt-sore and holding in the urine for hours. The view at the State Park was breath-taking. I could not speak for a moment. Seeing the waterfall flowing straight into the ocean was a first time for me. I've seen waterfalls flowing into lakes and streams, but not ocean. I took pictures like crazy there, trying to capture the awesomeness that I felt. Sometimes pictures just can't speak the thousand words. That's why your eyes are still the best camera. In order to get the view I wanted to capture, we ignored the "Do not climb over the fence" sign and climbed down to where the protected plants were to get a better view of the waterfall. I was being extremely careful not to step on any of those beautiful wild daisies though.

After that we drove to Point Lobos Natural Reserve in Carmel to see some otters and sea lions. Mr. L loves otters, so he was excited to see some. I wasn't a big fan but I was fine with seeing the reserve. The ranger told us that in Northern California it was rare to have a piece of land for wild animals that are not private properties. That was why Point Lobos Reserve was such a special place for the wild life. On the day we went there were people who told us they saw whales and dolphins which I was unfortunate enough to miss. But I did see a ton of sea lions on the rocks not far away from the Sea Lion Point trail that we hiked on. We saw some otters too, but they were too far away and they looked like maggots from a distance. You'll see what I mean when you see the pictures of them.

We then went to Monterey to see the famous Cannery Row. I couldn't figure out what cannery row was for the longest time until I saw it. The history was there was this guy who wanted to marry this girl and he bought built a huge mansion stretch along the side of the coast for her. When they went on their honeymoon, he died. He didn't even get the chance to go to the place himself. The property was sold to a family back east and then to some factories that can sardines. There were a lot of shops on both sides of the street and the famous Monterey Aquarium was also there. We were planning to go see the aquarium but after we found out it cost 31 bucks each to see the animals in the aquarium, we decided it was not worth the money. We've seen a lot of wild animals in nature already. How ironic to go see them in the aquarium! We didn't spend a long time there but we did get to have some ice-cream sandwiched in cookies. SO GOOD!!!!

A couple of hours before sunset we went to the Capitola beach at Santa Cruz county. I love it so much! We walked on the boardwalk. Man, was it windy! I was surprised to see how strong the boardwalk was as a van drove on it. There was like a restaurant at the end of the boardwalk. The view there was very nice, even though I was hoping for the ocean to be more blue. It was kinda grey. I love the houses along the beach and the cute stores there. We also saw this sea gull with only one leg. Poor thing~ I guess it is not so bad for them since they already have wings to fly. But I's still not good.

After exploring the beach some more we decided it was dinner time. Specifically, Malaysian dinner time! We went to San Jose and found the Malaysian restaurant I googled. It was called Layang-layang, which means kite in Malay. I was soooo excited for the food despite being seated in front of the bathroom. The restaurant was so full! I looked at the menu and I wanted to order EVERYTHING! But it was pretty pricey eating there. So we ordered Malaysian fried rice, Roti Canai (a Malaysian Indian appetizer), Nasi Lemak (a traditional Malay main course), and Malaysian Chinese butter cereal shrimps. We got so full after eating half of our food and ended up boxing them up and eating them the next day. I wish they could ship the food to St.George!

Stay tuned for Day 3!


Lia said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Malaysian restaurant! It seems like most of the time when we look for good Chinese restaurants we always end up disappointed.

Last time we saw the Sea Lions in March we saw a bunch of dead ones (or maybe they were just hurt) because it was mating season and I guess they fight with each other!

Claire said...

wow....the food looks good and the reserve area is the place where I want to visit when I go to SF in June :)

Angie said...

I love all the pictures that you've posted! Big Sur is so cool and had amazing views! We like layang-layang as well..been there a couple of times. There are some other Malaysian restaurants that aren't that expensive around San Jose area!
Feel free to come back anytime:)