Sunday, March 28, 2010

Story #268: San Francisco: Day 4: Exploring the City

It was on the third night of our trip that I realized I had only planned out 5 days of our trip. I forgot that we were staying there for 6 days. For some reason, I kept thinking we were only going to be there for 5 days. Anywho... after realizing we've got an extra day, we decided to slow down our pace and spend one more day exploring downtown San Francisco. We slept in and woke up around 10-ish (we were waking up at 6 or 7 for the past 3 days!).

Our first stop was the Golden Gate Park. I believe it is larger than Central Park in NYC. The park used to be a desert and after many years of tree planting, the city managed to turn this desert land into an oasis! The park was so huge you could spend hours and hours, even days in it and not be able to see it all. So we picked out a few places that we were more interested to see. The parking at the park is free (they have this 4 hour parking spots on the side of the road). We spent about 4 hours there, maybe a little bit more than that. I was so excited to see the Japanese Tea Garden. I loved it! It cost about 7 dollars per person. It was not a huge area but it was pretty awesome to see the pagodas, Buddha, Japanese styled bridge, and cheery-blossoms. I love cheery-blossoms!!!! After the Japanese tea garden, we went over to Stow Lake. We spent most of our time there because it was pretty big. We saw lots of ducks and turtles there too. We also went on a paddle boat, which was like a major workout for both of us. It was hard to paddle around the whole lake! Get a row boat instead if you want. We also saw some bison at the Bison park. The Botanical Garden was big but I did not really see a ton of flowers as it was still winter and all the plants were not yet blossoming. We went to the Dutch windmill last and I really like it there. I love all the beautiful tulips and I've always wanted to see a windmill like that.

Japanese Tea Garden

Botanical Garden. This is the only picture of flowers that I took there because it was pretty barren when we went.

Stow Lake

Roman Bridge @ Stow Lake

Paddle boat that we rented

Looks like a little Chinese styled rest house

Bison Park

Dutch Windmill

After spending most of our afternoon at the park, we went to the neighborhood close to the park (I believe it's called Sunset District) to get some lunch. As we drove down the street, I noticed a lot of chinese stores and restaurants there. I was like "Yay!!! I want some chinese food!!" even though at first we were gonna go get some KFC. I saw a restaurant called "Wontan King" and thought it was going to be great! I ordered the Beef Noodles, totally anticipated the best beef noodle in the whole world. Man, was I wrong. It was the WORST, I am not even joking. It was so bad!!! The noodles were still hard, and the soup had no taste, and the cow stomach was so huge (they should cut it smaller) that I could not chew with my mouth close! There were also a few pieces of cow something that were beyond my recognition. I took a bite of it and almost puked! I think it was cow marrow or blood cubes or something. EEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! A friend of mine had told me that everytime she and her family went to SF, they ended being disappointed with the chinese food there. I did not even want to eat anymore chinese food for the rest of my stay there.

We went to Little Italy after that to try to find the Washington Square. There were some crazy people yelling about something there and lots of homeless people too. Oh...this reminded of this one time when Mr. L was waiting for Walgreens to open in the morning and a guy high on drugs came and talked to him and threatened to kill him right then and there. Not a very good experience in some areas of SF. We left Washington square after spending 5 minutes there because it was so cold. Ironically, we went and found a gelato place and ate the tastiest ice-cream (gelato) I've ever eaten. I love love love the texture, kinda like ice-cream, but not really. And there were so many tasty flavors too. The white chocolate and strawberry one was the best! We ordered one cup to share and got 4 different kind of flavors. I am missing it now!!!

Some cool looking houses. Most of the houses in SF looked kinda like these. Very vintage!

Washington Square

Italian flags were all over the Little Italy, even on lamp post.


White Chocolate Raspberry!! I am on the hunt for the recipe to make it!

We then went to The Palace of Fine Arts theatre to take some pictures there. Mr. L wanted to go see the Exploratorium, which looked really cool, but we got there 5 minutes before closing. But we had a nice stroll by the little lake in front of The Palace of Fine Arts. We would've stayed longer if it wasn't so cold. Humidity and cold is the worst! Utah was way colder but you feel the cold more in SF. The houses across from the Palace of Fine Arts were all very classy looking. I love it there. I want to live there if I could.

I love this place!

Aww..can I live here one day?

Before sunset, we drove to Baker's Beach, one of the most famous beaches in SF. It had a good view of the GGB too. We got there about 20 minutes before sunset so we walked down to the beach. There were some people jogging in sleeveless tops. My hats off to you, people in sleeveless tops in the freezing cold day by the windiest ocean. From the beach, you could see some houses by the cliff to your left and the GGB on your right. It was so amazing to see the foam caused by the wave on the beach. I've never seen anything quite like that before. I kept asking Mr. L why why why how how how did the wave become foam. I couldn't make sense of it, still can't. It was really romantic to watch the sunset by the ocean, next to the Golden Gate Bridge, with my lover on our honeymoon, in the car, away from the cold.

Notice the foam??? So many pictures of the GGB. How can I resist?

We wrapped up our fun day with a trip to Ferry building and Embarcadero building to take some night photography. San Francisco was so pretty at night.

Sorry this picture turned out really crappy because I did not have the tripod on when I took this picture.

The Ferry Building. So pretty at night!

The long exposure makes the waves looked so calm, like a mirror.

Bay Bridge

Yea, I actually have invisible DNA in me and I go transparent sometimes :)

Mr.L took this!

Some cool/odd looking architecture right in front of the Embarcadero building.

There he goes

Bay Bridge again. Notice that line at the back going up the sky, that was a plane. It shows how cold the air was!

Thanks for reading such long entry!! I love you guys for reading!!

Stay tuned for Day 5 of our honeymoon!


Leighton Whiting said...

I love the pictures, good job babe~

Lia said...

You are getting seriously good at picture taking!

Also, I totally have been to those gardens, but for some reason I forgot that they were in San Francisco! I really like that super tall bridge though.