Monday, April 05, 2010

Story #270: San Francisco: Day 6:Yosemite National Park

Yosemite was everything and nothing I expected! I love that place so much I have decided to go back there as soon as money permits. I had no idea it was so far away from SF. It was about 4 hour drive (farther than driving from St.George to Provo! And I thought St.George to Provo was FAR.) Nope, sitting in the car for 4 hour straight was no fun. I don't think I took a nap in the car like I usually do because I was too busy looking out the window at the scenery. Northern California was so green (I have obviously been deprived of greenness for the past year). Anyways, enjoy the pictures even though they really don't do the gorgeous place justice. If you have a chance, take my advice: GO SEE FOR YOURSELF~~ You'll never regret it!

A huge lake we saw before we reached Yosemite National Park
The first waterfall we saw at the park. Yosemite has A TON of waterfalls!

This creek is so beautiful. The water was so clear and clean. If it were summer, I'd play in it.

Again, so clear and calm.

The Bridal Veil Fall. Look at the ice on each side of the waterfall. So cool!
I love to see snowy mountains and rocks and pine trees.

K, it's not my fault that I couldn't climb up the slippery rock where he was standing.
We could feel the mist of the Fall from pretty far away!

It was so cold the water turned to ice! Never knew that could happen to moving water as well.
I'm pretty sure this was a blue jay.
I don't know what this fall is called. But looks to me like a butt-crack fall! LOL
Ohh...what is so cool about it was it flow right into the snow! Do you see it? Do you see it???

There were also a lot of deer at the park. I wish I could pet one.
This was VERY exciting for me. Ansel Adam's gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeal* I saw so so so so so many GREAT pictures he took at the gallery. But why I didn't buy any (not even a postcard) was beyond me. Maybe I was secretly jealous by his out-of-the-world photography.

Who is he? The MASTER of photography! His photography was so renowned that everybody who studies photography have to study him. I did and I am charmed by his genius and exceptional talent.

The museum that tells about how Yosemite was formed from a gigantic glacier, and the wildlife, and Indians that lived there.
History of photography at Yosemite!

Look at this piece of art! Ansel Adam photographed this without the help of Digital cameras and photoshop or any photo editing softwares! He could even create a 3D feel to his Black and White photo!!
Tipi or Teepee?

The famous half dome.

The lower half of the Yosemite Fall

This is perhaps my favorite part about a waterfall.

The upper and lower parts of Yosemite fall

The view of the Yosemite Fall from a distance

These sequoia trees were so tall!!

Mirror Lake (this was a short hike)

We read that the mirror lake will soon disappear as the water dries up. This was not a natural lake. But the park decides to stop digging it and let it go back to its original state. Therefore, one day there won't be a Mirror Lake at Yosemite anymore.

This was taken when we left the park.

The lovely sunset drew a perfect conclusion to our honeymoon :)

Though our trip to SF has ended, we are excited for life long journey together.

Check back often!

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