Thursday, April 08, 2010

Story #272: Easter Fun

So, here are some pictures from the Easter family gathering. Easter has become one of my favorite festivals now. The candies and the can I not love this awesome day?

Turkey. YUMMMM...

Her signature pose

His signature funny face
So happy for all the eggs!!
Skittles in the eggs.. mm..candies!!
We hid the eggs in the backyard for the egg hunt.
A little setup photo shoot with the cute cousins.

Ready to go out and grab some eggs

She hit the jackpot!

Max found one too and clearly he was claiming his territory and property.
Grandpa Zack and his sling.

Aunt MaryAnn's 40th birthday. She doesn't look 40 AT ALL!!
Then, some trampoline action
...and piano playing
...and more photo shoot. Her headpiece was mine!

Outdoor shoot. Her cute headband was mine!
Then, Sunday photo walk around the neighborhood
Some more trampoline
..and finally, PEACE OUT!

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Claire said...

Nice shots!!!!