Friday, April 23, 2010

Story #274: Birthday and Anniversary.

Wow. It seems like I have not posted on my blog for a long time! Time is one thing I don't understand. Why does it zoom pass me so quickly, and where did all of my time go???

Sometimes I wonder if time has a meaning when it comes to eternity. Do we lose time in eternity since it goes on forever and there's no end to it? Can we waste time if there's so much time left to do things? Life on earth is limited and we've got A TON of things to do. It's just not enough!!!

Sometimes I wonder if going to school and doing all the busy work for school is just a waste of time. I hope not, because I have spent practically my whole life in school. Come to think of it, there's only 2 years of my life when I am not in school! I started going to school when I was 3 (play school). Now, I am almost done with my Visual Technologies certification. And in about 2 months, my grad school classes start, and that would keep me busy for 2 years. Then what? 5 more years in school for my Ph.D? Gah...and if I do end up becoming a lecturer in a college, I'll definitely be spending my WHOLE life in a school setting. There...I think I sold my soul to education.

But I guess it is so worth it. I mean, life itself is a learning process. Going to school to get formal education is a part of it. I sure do learn a lot in school. And school is great because it is a place where you find yourself, define your identity, make friends that change your life, making small decisions that will eventually steer the course of your life. Most importantly, for me, I met my soul mate in school. Cheesy or not, I'm sure that's how MOST of you meet your other half.

Speaking of soul mate, my dear Mr.L turned 24 two weeks ago ( i know it's so late to post about it now). After saying so much good things about school, there's this one thing I hate about school. Birthdays falling on a school day! How lame!! You can't go out of town to celebrate your big day because you're in school. Or you have to spend you birthday working on some projects that are due on the same day. Pish posh~~~ Anyhow, we did have a small celebration for him--getting his favorite Pizzas and ice cream, his mom making a huge cake for him, and lots of small presents from the family. 24 is a good age. We are both 24 now :) It's when you hit 25 that you start to think...a quarter of my life is over!

Very conveniently, 3 days after Mr.L's birthday, we celebrated our 1st Anniversary. It's been a year already?? IT sure doesn't feel like it. I enjoyed every second of my marriage and I love my hubby so000 much!! just hit me. We totally forgot to eat our wedding cake that we've saved up in the freezer since the day of our wedding!!!! Now what??? Eat it or save it for next year? The mere thought of saving something edible for 2 years is disgusting!

Oh, our anniversary was VERY eventful. First, it was tax day and since Mr.L is self-employed and the US government tax all self-employed business owner 15 percent of their annual income, our bank account was emptied. I mean, $2000 of taxes bye bye. Is capitalism really like this? Sounds like socialism! And our car, Debbie, broke down. Something wrong with the belt in the engine or something... we took it to the workshop and had it fixed for $600. Labor fees are expensive in the US. The parts don't even match up to the labor fee!!

Other than that, I guess our Anniversary was pretty awesome. We managed to skip school because of our car problem. While waiting for our car to be fixed, we were able to go and have a really nice breakfast! (I have gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast because our classes start early and we usually don't get out of the bed til 15 minutes before we absolutely have to leave. Therefore, no time for breakfast for almost 4 months now). After our car was fixed, we went home and I took a much needed nap. Then, we dressed up and went to Springdale to have dinner there.

Springdale is such a fun town. I mean, all the gift shops, and restaurants, and tourists, and Zion's National Park make it a really nice place to go to. We ate at Blondie's (according to Mr.L's mom it was really great). Mr.L got to eat buffalo meat for the first time. I couldn't eat that. Something about buffalo kills my appetite. I did try a bite though, it taste just like beef. But I still cringe to the thought of it. After dinner we went and watch Avatar in 3D. I had slight motion sickness in the IMAX theater. Man...I still don't see the point of 3D movies.

I'll be back with more to share :) Keep checking back!


Leighton Whiting said...

I'm so glad you keep these awesome records and photos, they are really a treasure to look back on. I love you honey~

jules said...

happy anniversary you two!! I'm glad you had an awesome time, even though your car broke down and you have no money because of the US government :) I think it sounds really romantic, actually, getting to skip school and go out for breakfast - I LOVE going out for breakfast. It's double special because I never eat anything cool for breakfast either (no time, like you I sleep as late as possible and usually just scarf down some cereal or a granola bar). well anyway - happy one year!

and I think you should eat your cake if you haven't already - Dusty and I saved ours for two years because it was in CT and we were in Idaho on our one year anniversary, so we waited until the next year, and it was...well you should just eat yours now!! It wasn't moldy or anything, (it was frozen), probably just the thought that it was 2 years old...

Lianna said...

Happy Anniversary!! I had no idea ours were so close.. =D

Nice facial hair Leighton! hehe.

I'm with your friend, totally eat it now- we didn't save ours or anything, but 2-years-old cake doesn't sound as romantic as 1 year and a few days old cake

Lia said...

I hate 3D movies too!!

Also, I think you and Julie are both gross for saving your cakes! Ew! I am so not doing that!