Saturday, May 08, 2010

Story #280: Blal blah blah blah blah

Just now I read on my friend's blog about her daily routine. She shared what she does everyday and pointed out that the things she does every weekday are the same. While she claimed that that her life is boring and let me quote her "robot-like," I find it very organized and fulfilling. I mean, I don't particularly like to do the same thing every day. But I think the beauty of doing the same things everyday is that you get so good at it it becomes your second nature. Also, though the routine may be the same, we usually don't do exactly the same thing everyday. For example, I may go to school everyday before 9 and listen to the same radio channel on the way to school, the news are different everyday!I get different things from my professors everyday. I progress everyday, in baby steps. I mean, of course there might not be glamor in the things that we do daily, and we might have thought that our life is wasted by doing the same thing over and over each day, but life is about repetition and organization and feeling the peace that there's no accidents that make your life chaotic. I would very much prefer a job as a cashier at a department store, than to be rescuing people in the ICU. Maybe it's just me, an organized life means peacefulness. Though I like pleasant surprises occasionally.

My life is more boring than my friend's. Yes, she wakes up, goes to work, comes home from work, does chores, goes to bed at pretty much the same time Monday through Friday. But at least she knows what she can expect to do next. I, on the other hand, is always lack of something to do. Being unemployed/self-employed, I pretty much just laze around ALL day. Talk about wasting your life away!!

This is my daily routine when I am not in school:
I wake up whenever I please
I never make my bed because I am always laying on it
I roll around in bed for as long as I want
I can spend 1 minute or 2 hours in the bathroom depending on how I feel
I can choose to scarf down a bowl of cereal, or cook a super nice breakfast, or eat brunch because I sleep in so much.
I can be a slob and lay on the couch watching 3 movies straight or lay in bed with my laptop on my tummy watching the whole season of Scrubs in 4 hours
I can play piano for 2 hours straight if I want to or til my fingers are sore
I can do some work (edit/photoshop pictures) for a few hours
I can go lay on the trampoline and play with the dogs
I can surf the internet til dinner time
I can cook at 5 or 6 or 7, depending on what I eat for lunch (big lunches mean later dinners)
I can be kind and do the dishes or feel lazy and have my husband do it
I can do 3 loads of laundry in 2 or 3 weeks
I can go shopping if I feel like it
I can go up to Zion
I can go to bed whenever I feel tired or stay up as late as I want
I skip scripture study cause by the time I am ready for it I am usually already too tired to read.

See, I don't think anybody would want to trade their life with me, seeing that there're too many choices to make in my life each there. Deciding what to do is somewhat tiring. I would rather go through my day like school's timetable.