Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Story #283: It is always so fun in Vegas!

I thought that I would have a lot of free time once school is out. I was wrong! Ever since I found out that we will be moving in the end of May, I have scheduled all kinds of things for us to do til the very last day. Mr.L has been busy working and playing "Magic" with his buddies, and I have been busy with my photography stuff. I have scheduled more photoshoots this month (11 to be exact) than I used to so I can have a stronger portfolio and will be ready to launch my website and officially start my photography business once we move up to Provo. I plan to do my photography on the side and get a part time job and going to school. I am looking forward to the busy busy months coming up. Hopefully I won't be overwhelmed. I may even travel to different places in the country this year, so let me know if you want a photoshoot done when I travel to your city :)

Anywho, apart from working, we did some fun stuff as well. We traveled to Las Vegas one Saturday with our friends. I was able to see some of the shows and exhibits that I missed the last 10 times I went to Vegas. We went and saw the Secret Garden and the Dolphin Habitat in The Mirage casino. I was so friggin' excited to see the white tigers. I have always dreamed of seeing one. I even wrote about a white Siberian tiger in one of my fictions without even knowing that they exist!! I was also very excited to see the dolphins even though this wasn't my first time. Something about dolphins just makes me so happy. I love the whistling sound that they make and I love the way they interact with their trainers. Such smart animals.

This was taken from the tram from Treasure Island to The mirage. This was the Treasure island pool.
The Siberian white tiger. It weighs approximately 500 pound!!!! It was GIGANTIC! You might not be able to tell from the picture but when it stood up, it was at least 8 feet tall.

I first thought these were Llamas but they were alpacas. I still don't know the difference between llamas and alpacas. Someone enlighten me please!

I was so excited to see these white tigers!! Even though the orange one looks like a normal tiger, it actually carries the recessive gene of a white tiger.

In The Mirage casino. Very tropical.

The dolphin Habitat in The Mirage. These dolphins are not trained to do shows like the ones at Sea life Park, Hawaii. This place was a unique place for studies of dolphins.

The trainer said this kind of behavior was spontaneous, not rehearsed. So cool!!

We went to the Conservatory in Bellagio to see the cool floral exhibits. I felt like Alice in wonderland! There were giant ants, bees, butterflies, snails, and flowers everywhere. There were also a lot of different real flowers blooming. I especially love the roses on the body of the snails (see the pictures below). I love how all the casino in Vegas have so much to see. I still have so much left to see!I love Vegas and I will surely be back :)

Sorry for this poorly-lit image. If you are ever in Vegas, go see the Bellagio casino. The lobby ceiling was full of glass flowers like these. It's very very impressive!

Giant mushrooms and some real blue hydrangae. I felt like lying on the flowers!
Beautiful real roses at the back of a snail
Floral snail!

My favorite section, the sunflowers!!!

This was the ceiling in Bellagio as well. Hot air balloons are so cool.

I need to go to Rome!! The replica in Vegas just doesn't do the trick even though it's very well-replicated.

I need to go now but I will be back soon :)

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