Thursday, June 10, 2010

Story #285: Memorial Day at Logan

The first weekday after we moved up to Provo was Memorial Day. For my Malaysian friends, Memorial Day is a day when people in the US pay respect to the veterans of the wars. I think it has also become a day when they go visit the grave of their loved ones. I love the cemetery on this day! It's amazing how beautiful and welcoming a cemetery can be. In Malaysia, I've always been really scared to drive pass a cemetery, let alone visit one. As a child, we were not allowed to mention cemetery, death, and things like that because of superstitious. My cousins lived in a neighborhood where they have to drive pass 2 large cemeteries. I remember everytime we visited them, we would turn to look to the opposite of the cemetery just to avoid seeing some "dirty" things. We would also become super quiet for fear that whatever we said might evoke angry vengeance from the dead ones. The fear stayed with me over the years until I had to actually go visit my great-grandmother's grave when she passed away a couple of years ago. I still would get goosebumps and chills every time I drive pass a chinese cemetery. It's not my fault that they are so scary, ok! They even have pictures of the dead ones staring at you as you drive pass them. Also, most cemeteries in East Malaysia are right on the side of a main road to a neighborhood.

Anyways, my mother-in-law was in town because she had helped us move. So we went to visit her father's grave (he was a veteran during the Korean war), and her grandmother (on her mom side). We drove up to Smithfield in Dave's car. Smithfield was about an hour north of Salt Lake City. We have to go through Sardine Canyon and Logan city before arriving at Smithfield. So we went to visit the Logan Temple and Utah University.

After visiting with Mr.L's great-grandmother, who is in her 90s now, we went to the cemetery where his grandpa was buried. It was nice to finally meet two of Mr.L's family that I have not yet met. Logan and Smithfield are beautiful places and they did not disappoint. I had a really great memorial day.

Mr.L's great-grandma's house
I really really love the tulips!!

Hidden gems behind the fireplace. Look at the pretty shades of pink of the tulips. The hyacinth are so pretty as well.

A fireplace outside of the house. Isn't that interesting? According to my mother-in-law, that was the kind of fireplace people had in the old days.

Mr.L's great-great grandparents' grave
Mr.L's grandpa's grave

This was her when she was young! Such a beauty!

Speaking of cemetery, I went to my dear friend's burial the day after Memorial Day. My friend, who I refer to as Elder Watts, passed away a few days before we moved up here. He was having some pulminary and lung problems which caused him to have breathing problem. The last time I saw him was in November 2009. We had come up to SLC to get my greencard and had stayed at his place. I would never have thought that that was the last time that we saw and hugged each other. Elder Watts and his wife became good friends with me and my family when they served their mission in Miri, Malaysia back in year 2000. They were dear, dear friends to us and his passing has caused such heartbreak for us. But it is comforting at the same time to know that he is no longer suffering and has gone on to a better place. I have never been so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that life is eternal and continues beyond this mortal life. I know that I will see him again and I will be so happy to be embraced in his warm bear hug once more.

Me and sister Watts

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