Sunday, June 13, 2010

Story #286: Exploring Salt Lake City (1)

Yesterday Mr.L and I went up to Salt Lake City because I had to second-shoot for a photographer at a wedding at the International Peace Gardens there.

I have never heard of this garden but I was glad the wedding was held there and I was able to take a stroll with Mr. L before the bridal party arrived. The park was pretty nice, with several gardens and monuments representing different countries. Most of the man-made ponds were dried though. So I looked up Wikipedia to find out what the Peace Gardens really were about. "Each participating Utah-based nation group is allotted a plot in which to create a garden with native plantings and garden architecture and statues of world peace leaders typical of the homeland and its culture. The Peace Gardens currently represents the cultural diversity of twenty-six nations and encourages pleasant wandering and meditation by visitors."

After shooting the wedding, Mr.L and I drove to Temple Square because we wanted to see the new exhibit they have at the Visitor Center. We have seen news about the Salt Lake Temple model that showcased some of the rooms in the temple for people all over the world to see. Normally, only church members in good standing and have temple recommends were allowed to go inside. However, this model was made so that people not of our faith will have a better idea what we do inside the temple. For my non-LDS friends, what we do (temple marriage, sealings of family, baptisms for the dead, endowment...) in the temples are sacred, not secret. If you live in Utah or come to visit Salt Lake City, be sure to visit the temple square and some of its cool exhibits. I always end up at awe with the exhibits and my testimonies strengthened after seeing the exhibits. I am not sure how long this exhibit is going to last (since they have different exhibits all the time), so come quick to see it. If you can't make it here, don't worry. I've got you cover. I've taken a ton of pictures of the exhibit. I tried to capture all the details.

This Howland guy was ancestor of Joseph Smith, Emma Smith, George Bush, Nixon and some other famous people. Amazing what family history can help you discover. I wonder if I am related to any emperors in China. hahaha...

Some of my favorite paintings at the visitor center.

We also went to see some of the cool buildings in Salt Lake, such as the castle looking building below. I forgot what it was called!! It's come kind of government building. Across from the street of this building was the City Library which is so super modern looking. I am totally loving it. I didn't go inside though but I'll be back to explore the inside. The outside of it was pretty cool and there was a little garden close to it that has pretty flowers and steps with water coming down.

I'll be back with more adventure. I am starting to like Northern Utah now. There's so much going on and so much to see. Hopefully the rain and wetness would be over soon so I can truly enjoy summer. See you later!

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Lia said...

Next time you are in Salt Lake, go to the Gilgal Garden. SO WEIRD. It's very small so it really only needs a couple of minutes to see how weird it is.