Friday, June 18, 2010

Story #287: Saltair & Modeling

Yesterday I went modeling for a photographer friend at Saltair. It was a last minute call and I agreed to model for her because I have always wanted to see what Saltair is like and get the chance to meet some photographers in this area.

What I didn't know was that Ali Hohn, a super talented photographer from mid-west, was teaching at this workshop about Off-Camera Flash. I have always wanted to go to her workshop at Salt Lake but I never did have the money. But modeling for her and other photographers was a good chance for me to watch them work.

It was a fun experience for me even though it was super tiring. I love how the pictures turned out though. I had to stand on an old train coach which had close to no floorboard and support my whole body weight on slim planks and this male model's leg! I am not sure if I would model again because I rather be "shooting" people than to be "shot." Oh!! You get to see the world-premiere of my new 50-dollar haircut (I had no idea he charged so much!), which I hate!

A Moroccan-looking building. I think this is called Saltair Pavillion.
It was right by the Great Salt Lake

The train coach we shot in

Male model at work

Great Salt Lake. The air truly smells salty and my eyes got so watery
because of the salt in the air.

This is as close to the beach as we can get in Utah.

Me modeling. I am so skilled, eh? haha..


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Those look cool! Your haircut makes you look so asian! =)