Saturday, June 26, 2010

Story #290: Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant

We went to Manti last night to watch the Mormon Miracle Pageant. I have heard about this event when I first joined the church. I have always wanted to see it but we weren't able to go last year. I was so excited to go because not only would I be able to watch the pageant, I knew I was going to see the temple again. I love Manti temple. It stood on a hill overlooking the town. Such a beautiful building at such a serene location. The last time I went it was snowing like crazy so I wasn't able to see the beautiful green hill on which the temple stood upon. It was nice to see it in summer when it was all green and beautiful.

The pageant itself was such a great show. I loved loved loved it. I will definitely go back next summer to see it again. We were so lucky to be able to found some seats for us. The event location was PACKED. Hundreds of people were there. Some had to sit outside of the temple ground on their blankets. It was kinda noisy when we got there but as soon as the temple president stood up to welcome everybody and the prayer was said, everybody went quiet. SO quiet. I was so impressed. Even children were quiet.

I love how the church used such a unique way to tell the history of the church and of the Restoration. It helped me look at the Book of Mormon and the early pioneers in a more respective way. My testimony definitely has been strengthened. Seriously, I cannot say enough of how much I love it.

Enough said, let's look at some pictures.

Sheep~~ I love to see herds of sheep on a farm.
Twilight is such a good time for pictures. I love the blue in the sky.

This was only a fraction of the amount of people who were there.
This scene depicts the many different churches in New England.
A girl sang the US National Anthem before the show started
This is when Joseph Smith was in the forest where he prayed and received the First Vision.
Book of Mormon story about Captain Moroni and his famous Ensign of Liberty
Lamanites' idolatry and human sacrifice
A huge cast!
Zoramites and their temple
Jesus visited the people in the American Continent
Joseph Smith in the Carthage jail in Illinois, where he and his brother were killed.
The Spirit World
I LOVE Manti Temple!!!!
Excuse me for my ecstatic look. I don't know why I was so stoked to see the cast. They did an amazing job with costume and make up.


Lia said...

It looks like it was fun! I've always wanted to go but never made the time for it!

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