Sunday, June 27, 2010

Story #291: Lame homework!

So it's Sunday afternoon and I am doing a super boring homework for my linguistics class. Even though it seems pretty easy and straight-forward, this assignment took me about 2 hours to do! I wish it had only taken me 15 minutes but my new-found sickness (ADHD) prevented me from focusing while doing this homework I was very uninterested in. Actually, I don't think anybody would enjoy homework like this.

The first picture below is the introduction of the Book Of Mormon, written in Deseret Alphabet, an alphabet used in some old church records. My assignment is to transcribe this alphabet system into the International Phonetic Alphabet (such as the ones used in the English dictionary, instructing people how to pronounce words). From one unknown alphabet into another. It's like learning 2 sets of new alphabets. SO NOT FUN! I never really cared about the IPA anyways. As if people still use dictionaries to learn how to pronounce a word.

Click on the picture to see the full size image.

I am so not fluent in IPA.

I can already foresee a mundane future in the next couple of years of my MA TESOL program.

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Lia said...

You didn't use IPA in your undergrad? We had a class where we had to use to and translate things from Middle English. It's funny how different our English majors are!