Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Story #294: Indoor Rock Climbing

Went to an indoor quarry for some rock climbing. It was so exhausting but a lot of fun. A fun date with hubby that ended up with dirty sweat and blisters in the hands. Still, it is fun. However, not 36 dollars fun. I think we'll only go back to climb once in a very long while.

Oh, I also discover that I have a fear of height. I was halfway up the wall and I looked down and my hands started to sweat really bad and my heart was pumping heart and I felt like I couldn't breath. I had to go down. Twice I did that. Until after watching Mr.L reached the top and seeing that it really wasn't that high, I decided to try climbing to the top again. I did it!... after much persuading on Mr.L's part. I did not have the YAY I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD feeling when I reached the top. I only wanted to get down to the ground ASAP.

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