Monday, July 19, 2010

Story #295: Exploring Salt Lake (2)

This past Saturday I was planning to go up to Salt Lake to a bridal fair at La Caille, a really nice French restaurant. But I woke up feeling like I hadn't rested all night and decided I didn't want to go to Salt Lake. Then I had a brilliant idea. I wanted to see the Lavender farm at the Young Living Farm south of Provo. Mr.L looked up the information about the park and chatted with one of their agent online and found out that we needed to make a reservation before we could tour their farm. Boo!!! So I got frustrated and fell asleep watching Mr.L played Rock Band.
About an hour later, I woke up from my nap, rested. Mr. L said, "Let's go." And I was like ??? He said he wanted to take me to some places up in Salt Lake. He refused to tell me what those places were. Surprises, he said. So I very happily changed and got ready to go. It was a SUPER hot day. But I had SO MUCH fun. I had been complaining about Provo ever since we moved up. Boring, as I always say. But Salt Lake is different. It's fun. Like Las Vegas was fun when I complain about St.George.
So we drove up to Salt Lake, Sugar House to be exact. The first place he took me to was the Sugar House Park, which had a big lake in the middle, built with concrete. This park used to be a penitentiary. There were so many seagulls here, which was weird. Aren't seagulls supposed to be on the beach? There were a lot of geese and ducks too. There were bird poop and feathers everywhere on the sidewalk. The park was pretty big, with lots of trees and some really nice spots for pictures. I was thinking of taking some clients there for portraits next time.

The second place we went to was the Liberty Park close to the Sugar House Park. There was a British classic car show there. It wasn't the greatest but it's nice to see some old cars.

At the Liberty Park, there were the Green House and Tracy Aviary. I didn;t go in the green house but we went to the aviary. I wasn't expecting the aviary to be great but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it. I had a blast in there. I love to see birds and their colorful feathers. They are some fascinating creatures. However, I don't like to get close to them. I have heard stories about birds picking the eyes out of people before. I loved the bird show. I even raised my hands when they asked for volunteers to let the bird fly onto our arms. The bird took a long time to finally fly towards my arm but landed for like not even a second before taking off for Mr. L's head and the tree behind him. The presenter also asked if I wanted to have a close up picture of the owl with my "fancy" camera. Naturally I said yes and he made a gesture and the owl flew towards me. More accurately, the owl flew towards him who was crouching behind me. I was ecstatic!

This Is The Place heritage park was the last surprise for the day. I kept asking Mr. L "what is this place?" and he kept saying "This Is The Place." And I was getting annoyed when I saw the name of the park. So this park is called "This Is The Place." This was the place where Brigham Young said that the Mormon pioneers should settle down. I imagine it must be tough for those pioneers to look around this place that was once a desert wasteland. They had never planted crops in places like this. It was truly a miracle that they prospered. We didn't go inside the main "city" because we were tired and we planned to come back on Pioneer Day next week. According to the brochure, they have a real haunted house in there and they have some pretty neat stuff going on for Halloween. I can't wait for October now!

On our way home to Provo, before our car broke down in the middle of the pedestrian crossing and in front of the traffic lights, we swung by the Capitol. While waiting for our car to be towed (I love AAA by the way), I saw this poor horse. I seriously dislike it when people drive the horse around the city and in the summer when it is SO friggin hot. The horse looked so pitiful. No water, full sun, and surrounded by cars.

Salt Lake, I am so glad you are so close to Provo. I am so glad you are not 3 hours away. I am so glad I am going back next week to visit :)

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Lia said...

The This is the Place park is actually really fun at Christmas too!

Also, AAA is fantastic. I locked my keys in my car and then realized that I have no spare keys with me in Texas but they cam right away and got it open in a second! Actually, it was kind of scary how fast they can break into a car . . . I hope none of their workers are burglars . . .