Thursday, July 22, 2010

Story #296: Julie and Julia

It is strange how people get so emotionally attached to a certain movie or book or drama series that it feels like there's a hole or something is missing once that movie/book/drama series ends. I am like that ALL the time. I get attached to things way too easily and I get very emotional as well.

Just recently, I watched "Julie and Julia" for the second time. I felt a deep connection with the two real life characters and this movie became personal to me.The first time I watched it it was like a introduction to me. Like me being introduced to Julia Child and Julie Powell for the first time. And I was told of their stories. The second time was different. Their stories connected with me in a different way. I felt like I know them. I felt like we can be best friends because of our love for cooking. The first time, I didn't see that kind of a connection. I saw them like an outsider. This time, I feel everything they feel. I cried when Julia got her cookbook published. I cried with her when she cried after receiving a letter from her sister, I cried when Paul was interrogated by the government people. I cried when Julie's stuffed chicken fell on the kitchen floor. I felt their feelings. Isn't it strange? It is strange, and I think I am going crazy!! I even have a picture of me and Mr.L in the bathtub full of bubbles just like Julia and Paul did. And I am going to make my first Boeuf Bouguignon, Julia Child style. And I am going to buy her cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking."

In many ways I feel that Julia and I are very much alike. In the movie, when Julia first went to Paris, she wasn't sure what she should do. She went into hat-making, thinking that was what she liked. Then, she learned to play bridge and got bored at it. In the end, she found her passion: cooking. I was like that. I thought I want to be a writer and work for a magazine. But I really don't enjoy writing about anything in particular. I wrote stories but am not exactly sure I love writing anymore. When I first got married and moved to St.George, I didn't know what I should do. I have no passion for work...any sort of work. I went into computer programming and graphic design, thinking that's what I want to do. I don't mind doing it for fun and I am glad I have the skill, but I don't LOVE it. Then, I took piano lesson, thinking I would do so well, but I am not passionate for it. I love that I know and can play music now, but I don't love it enough to practice everyday. After much exploring and trying things out, I think I found my passion. I love photography. I love cooking. But I am PASSIONATE about traveling. I can do that for a living. I can do that everyday! That's my goal now. I will travel as much as I can, photograph anything I want, and cook all the good food I love.

Julie and I are very similar too. In the movie she said that she always start things but never finish them. I am like that. Look at my stories. I never finish any of them, except one. I went into card making and got all the supplies and tools and I made like 5 cards. Now my supplies are sitting in the corner of the room, filled with dust. I started my photography business and I already feel like quitting or just let it rot. She blamed her inability to finish something on ADD. I did too! I totally did. I even got an online ADD test thing that says I am 93% suffering from ADD. I often blame my inability to do housework on my ADD. Julie did that too. When she was in a bad mood and everything started to go wrong in the kitchen, she snapped at her husband, got in fights with him, and drove her husband out of the house. I was like that too, only my husband hasn't left the house yet. At one point she blamed that her kitchen was too small to cook in. I do that almost everyday. "Stupid counter. Stupid BYU Housing. Stupid kitchen stove!! I hate my life! How the F do I cook in this stupid space?!" That's what I always say. I broke down crying like a baby while cooking too. And I also have a blog about food!

I don't think I am obsessed with Julia Child or Julie Powell. They are not like my fantasy friends. They are not my muse. And I am sure a lot of people feel the same way I do about these two women, that we are somehow similar and connected through the movie. I do think that sometimes some movies/books help you to come to term with yourself or see yourself more clearly. It is like by knowing some stranger's life story gives you an insight of your own. And if a person was lost in life but found some kind of purpose in his/her life through watching a movie or read a book, then I think it's something worth celebrating.

In conclusion, I love how by watching "Julie and Julia" I feel like life is truly great and filled with opportunities. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

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