Sunday, July 25, 2010

Story #297: This Is The Place

On Pioneer Day (July 24th), Mr.L and I went to This Is The Place Heritage Park to enjoy some "pioneer fun".I think that the pioneers are like the symbol of the state of Utah, just like the hippies are (sort of) the symbol of San Francisco. I had a great time at the park despite the 100 degree summer heat. The park was bigger than I had anticipated. My favorite part of the day was the Native American show. I've always wanted to see them dance and do their awesome ritual and what not. I love their costumes too. I may or may not be an American Indian for Halloween :)

p.s these pictures are not in chronological order.

p.p.s I found the cutest pillows ever! They have a lot of different ones in the gift shop. They are all like almost $30 so I think I may just get a sewing machine and make my own! It will be a fun project.

The small plan of the heritage park

Ancient stove at Brigham Young's farmhouse.

Silk cocoons from the worms that were brought back from France by the missionaries.

The exterior of Brigham Young's farmhouse. He used it as a guest house or for the missionaries to stay when they came to visit. He himself never slept there.
At the Museum of the Quilt.

One of the cute pillows I mentioned. This one might be really challenging to make. I've never sewn anything round like that.
This is going to be my project. I love it so super much!

The hospital back in the day. Why is Mr.L carrying a purse?? Cause he loves me and offered to carry it when I told him the semi-metal strap burns my shoulder.
Those lamps are so cool!

This is one of my favorite drawings.

Pulling a cart in the middle of a summer afternoon is not easy. Respect the pioneers!

Native American village

These chair/mat were very sturdy. Not comfortable, but sturdy.
They cooked inside of the tent too.

This was the Mormon Battalion station. We were educated on the clothes that those men wore when they were in the Mormon Battalion.

Carousel. Real horse carousel.
Tilling the ground is not fun to do.
This reminded me of the movie "Joseph Smith."

I found a small green apple. Oh, Brigham Young was famous for the apples he planted. Some of them could weigh up to a pound!

"Mail must go through, rider optional" LOL

Farm animals are cute, but they smell so bad! I gagged a few times walking past the farm.

The chief. He was originally from North Dakota and was as he called himself, a "Lamanite of BYU." He teaches Native American history in Arizona.
The butterfly dance, originated from Lousiana.

I love his wings!

When I asked if I could take a picture with him he said, "You're very pretty."
Totally made my day.
Brigham Young Academy

These were the actresses singing and gossiping about some girl who wore her dress a little too short and exposed her ankle. It was pretty funny.

Interesting looking candies. I never had one. I didn't try one either.

My hair color is kinda like this tail of the racoon.

They had their own currency??? SO bizarre!
The map of Texas, Oregon, and California back then

The Bank

This train takes you around the park and you can get off at any designated stops. It even has real smoke coming out.

How was your Pioneer day?

I'll be back with pictures from Lagoon! See you soon :)


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