Thursday, July 29, 2010

Story #298: Lagoon

Our friends came to visit last weekend and we went to Lagoon and had a blast. It was so nice to see you guys (Chris, June, Paul, Nikki) again!!

Lagoon was fun, but not Disneyland-fun. I think that comparison is inevitable once you've been to both. It was built back in the 50s I think so there was a ride that was super old and made of wood, but still working. There were also some old/pioneer-period looking buildings in the park, which I thought was pretty cool.

Lagoon was, to me, a little too expensive and it's lame that some of the fun things cost extra. There were many roller coasters though. That was pretty much what we did, one roller-coaster ride after another. I think I am roller-coastered out.

Oh, I even cried after a super scary ride. I hate the Wicked ride. I think people who like it are either suicidal or have problem feeling. I screamed from the beginning of the ride to the end of it. It got on my nerve and I was either not ready for it to start or to end that my tears burst out after the ride came to a sudden halt. I think watching Final Destination also helped fueled the fright.

Anywho, I did have some fun despite the puke-y sick feeling I had after riding a kid's swing ride. Geez...spinning in cirlces over and over and over. Seriously, what is the fun in that? And how can little children feel normal after riding it? My favorite ride were the roller coaster called "Bat" and the Rattle Snake Rapids. Anything involving water is great in a hot summer day. I did not mind getting wet. In fact, I wished we went to Seven Peaks instead of Lagoon.

I am loving summer now. We have got so many activities planned. I wish summer can last a little longer than last year because summer is actually more fun this year.

There was a bird show on the day we went. It was pretty cool. The guy said they were one of the best shows in Vegas and one of their parrots, a singing parrot, is the only bird that has ever performed in front the Queen of England.

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