Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Story #300: Photoshoot

Remember the Mommy Model competition I was in last year?
Thanks to all of your votes I was one of the runner-ups and so I got a free photo shoot this year.

So in the end of June I got the photoshoot done.
I always thought that I love modeling, I mean I love to take self-portrait when I first got my point-and-shoot camera, and loved it when people asked me to model for them.
But modeling is actually pretty hard and sometimes tedious.
My smiles looked forced after 3 seconds.
Even though I often direct people on their posing while I am shooting, I actually am not very good at posing.
My body can only do like 2 different poses and that's it.
Modeling is definitely not as glamorous as it looks. I mean, who truly enjoys wearing heels that they can barely walk in and climb in a train or jump in the air?
Maybe Lady Gaga does, but for normal people like me, it isn't a treat.

Because I am so fickle and indecisive and contradict myself most of the time,
I'll have to say that I do like it when I get to do something like that once in a while.
C'mon! I get to have free pictures that are professionally done and an excuse to dress up!
I just don't like it as much as some people who do it professionally.

At this particular shoot, I was injured. Well, bleeding counts as injury, no?
Anywho...I scratch my hand on a super old + rusty train coach.
My skin split open and out came the blood. Quite a lot of blood. It even stained my jeans a little.
Since I am such a professional model(you know I'm jk, right?) I made no sign of pain. I didn't even wince!
I even joke that I have super high pain treshold that I prefer needles to medicine. While Mr.L went and buy a first-aid kit (he's sweet like that), we did half of this shoot.

I am automatically entered into the competition because I'm a runner-up and all.
So please come and vote for me like you did last year. I am not sure when exactly is the voting date (she changes it everytime), but I will definitely keep you posted.
I hope i win this year because look at my shoes.
It's a WINNER!
Oh, the contest is based on the shoes, not looks of the model.
So I think I should be able to win because my shoes are so hot!
If I don't, it's okay. But it would be nice if I do (you know what I'm sayin'???)

That's my photographer friend, Emily. She's very talented and gave me a ton of tips. She inspires me. I love her!!

It's not easy to climb up to the coach. I had to stand on Mr.L's thigh and had him pushed me up. A lot of sweat went into that. haha..

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Jules said...

Sharon you are SO freaking beautiful!!! haha - really, you are, though :). These pictures are great!