Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Story #301: Ingrid and Katie. And Grooveshark

Do you guys know who Ingrid Michaelson is?
I came upon her music by chance and have fell in love with every single song she sung.
Actually, I've only heard 3 albums of hers but they are all so good.
Her voice is calming for me and most of her music is soothing and light and make me happy.
It is so hard to find songs like that anymore.
I mean, Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat made good music too, but their songs are too popular and are played on every channel almost everyday.
I think Ingrid's songs are fresh and are just what I need at the moment when I have more than 10 tabs open on my browser trying to get inspiration on my up coming styled photoshoots.

What about Katie Melua? Do you like her music?
I came upon her music by chance as well.
I love reading other people's blogs because I get new info all the time and sometimes I stumble upon the things I love so much that I would not have otherwise known if I hadn't read their blog.
It is good to not know what you're missing because you're content with just what you know most of the time.
But finding things that you love is so much more liberating than being satisfied with just what you know. That's why I love exploring.
sorry I side-tracked a little.
Anyways, Katie Melua has a really good voice.
The kind that I like.
The kind that I don't mind to listen to all day long.
Her song "Just Like Heaven," is my favorite.
Go have a listen on Grooveshark.

Speaking of Grooveshark, it's now my favorite internet radio.
I used to like Pandora. I still do, on my iphone.
The Pandora radio on the internet is pretty annoying sometimes.
I hate it when ads are involved.
Even though it is a good feature that it finds similar artist and genre of songs for you, sometimes I just want to listen to one artist's songs!
So I am so glad I found Grooveshark...through my usual blog reading :)

Do you have any music or artist that you might want to recommend me listen to??
Please suggest.


Lia said...

I just barely discovered ingrid michaelson as well! She was playing on my friend's blog!

Arica said...

check out mindy gledhill if you haven't already! she's got an ingrid vibe going. ps. thanks for always reading! it's always nice to know when you're voice is heard. (: