Thursday, August 05, 2010

Story #302:Ahh...the field of purple that makes my heart sing

On the same day that we went tubing in Provo Canyon, Mr.L and I went
to the Lavender farm in Mona.

Because I have so many friends in Europe (most of them are my high school friends who went there for college) and I go to some Chinese forums where hundreds of Chinese students in Europe post their pictures every single day, I came to know and fall in love with lavender farms.
every summer, everyone and their dog posts pictures about their trip to Lavender Farm in UK/France. Imagine all the purples and all the fragrant in the air!

Fortunately since there's a Young Living lavender farm here in Northern Utah,
we don't have to fly to France to see the lavender farms there.

Few weeks ago when we called to make a reservation for a tour, we were told that we need to make a reservation at least a couple of days before we go to the farm.
So this time, we tried to call to make an appointment earlier.
Mr. L called and we were told that the lavender had been harvested. can you imagine my disappointment?
There were still some more lavender left, only they were not going to be purple purple.
I decided to take the chance to just drive down to the farm without making any reservation and hope that I'll be able to see some lavenders.
And I did.
So I am quite happy.
Now I am ready to die. kidding!!

a little girl who happened to be at the farm visitor center for a wedding reception

I love dragonfly!! I don't see them very often here.

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Lia said...

That's so fun! I always wanted to stop there whenever I drive past Mona (which for a while was ever week) but I never did!