Sunday, August 22, 2010

Story #305: Road trip (Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, British Columbia)

This road trip took us to several of the most beautiful national parks in North America.

We went first to Grand Teton, then Yellowstone, then Glacier National Park, then up to Calgary for a night, then off to Banff National Park in Alberta and Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada.
All I have to say about this trip is it was eye-opening... and lots of driving!
I enjoyed every bit of the trip. From the driving to the sight-seeing and to the camping.
Everything is fun with Mr.L around. for real.

We camped out only at Grand Teton and Yellowstone. The rest of the nights were spent in hotels, and in the car for one particular night when we drove the whole 18 hour home. Mr. L and I took turn driving. I've never driven for so far and so long. It was kinda fun to drive long distance on wide empty roads, but kinda stressful to drive on windy narrow roads. One thing that made the driving durable was the conversations we had. I think the best thing about road trip isn't the destination, but the journey there.

We packed a ton of instant foods for the trip.
We got lots of mashed potato pearls, the kind that they sell at the bishop's warehouse, that you can just add hot water to it and it tastes soooo good. It is my favorite kind of mashed potato. It's light and delicious.
I also insisted on bringing healthy foods, such as salad and fruits for the road. I pre-cut the iceberg lettuce and put it in the zip-lock bag, then I cooked some hard-boiled eggs in the morning of our trip and put them in a container in our big cooler, and I also made sure we brought bacon bits. Bacon bits are like the essential addition to most of our meals -- salad and mashed potatoes. Of course, we brought crackers and bread for our chicken soup. So basically we have healthy and good meal every single day while we were on the road! I didn't even have problems with constipation like I did on so many other trips. pardon my brutal honesty and the mention of something gross.

My favorite part of the trip was Yellowstone and a botanical garden in Banff, Canada. I really loved the two lakes that we saw in Canada too. So gorgeous and serene. I also la-la-la-love the waterfalls in Glacier National Park.

Albeit tiring, this trip has helped me fall in love with nature all over again.
I also discovered that camping isn't all that inconvenient and annoying anymore because we were actually able to get electricity for our hot pot, bathroom to use at anytime, and air mattress was just as good as real bed.
I forgot to take pictures of our tent I was too busy cooking when Mr.L set up the tent.
But out tent was so great! It was spacious it can fit up to 5 people! and we brought our pillows and covers as well as sleeping bags.
Seriously, our car was packed! from food to accommodation to toiletries to clothing.
I guess for me camping isn't just about bring the bare necessity, it's about trying to be as comfortable as I can so I don't hate it. I did it. I enjoy camping now, as long as I get to not sleep on the ground and have access to bathrooms whenever I want.

After so much talking about the trip, here's some pictures for you to see. I will be posting all of the pictures on Facebook just cause it is a pain to post pictures here. So come to my facebook to see more of the pictures!

The Grand Teton, Wyoming
One of the many glaciers at the Glacier National Park,Montana
Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone, Wyoming

Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia.

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