Sunday, August 29, 2010

Story #306: Music

Kate Vogele is someone I'll be listening to for a long time. Her music rocks! I love love love her style, lyrics, and of course, music. I discovered her unintentionally after listening to S.H.E's 爱就爱了(S.H.E is a popular girl group in Taiwan by the way). I realized S.H.E were doing the cover for Kate's song, "Angel" so I had a listen to it and it blew my mind. I love both versions but Kate's voice stayed in my mind for weeks.

This week I rented the series that I used to watch when I was at BYU-Hawaii. It was called "One Tree Hill." I watched 3 seasons of it and stopped watching it for years until recently when I had an itch to watch some American TV series again. I of course started from "Gossip Girl" and then went back to "One Tree Hill." I found out that they are still filming the series and it's in it's 8th season now! So I rented season 5 from Netflix and started my road down One Tree Hill again. In this season, Kate Vogele was in a few of the beginning episodes and she of course played as a young and talented song-writer, singer girl. She sang more great songs that I love and I decided to tell about her to everyone I know. Great things are supposed to be shared, right?

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