Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Story #307: Featured :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I am so happy!!! Two people contacted me on Etsy recently to let me know that they are featuring two of my photos on their Etsy collection. I know this is different from being published on a magazine but it made me so happy to know that there are actually people who love my photography!

You can see those features here and here: look for sfenella :)

And I've also gotten some serious inquiries about doing a wedding and photo shoots. Usually, I had to do something for free or search for models who would do trade-for-work. I am so glad people take me seriously and think of me as a photographer. All the hard work I put into my websites and photography is finally bearing some fruits. Thank you to all of you who helped me spread the words around because I know I couldn't have come so far without your encouragement and help.

I am so busy with school now but I'll be back soon!


Lia said...

yay! I'm glad ally our hard work is paying off!

Nikki said...

Wow that's amazing! I get so excited when I hear your business is beginning to blossom. I just get all jittery just thinking about it! You inspire me.