Saturday, September 11, 2010

Story #308: I just want to do something!

I have a strong urge to learn how to speak gibberish. Gosh! I am so bored. Give me something to do, something to write about, something that has nothing to do with school. sucks the life out of me.

"Determination and perseverance bring good fruit and bright future!" *chant, chant, chant, chant, chant*

I need weddings, pilates, good books, laksa, and a good song to make me happy. So, please get married and invite me. Or hire me to be your photographer. Lend me some money so I can fly home to bask in some family love and eat great food. Recommend me some good books, like "A Chinese Cinderella", or "The Kite Runner", and some songs, such as Iron and Wine's "Flightless bird, American Mouth". And come do some yoga and pilate with me at my house.

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Nikki said...

Hey, have you thought of doing photography for I don't know if you would want to do it, but you're definitely more than good enough to sell some of your pictures there. I'm not sure what the commission is, but it's something to think about. ;)