Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story #309: An uneventful, yet happy life.

Life's been pretty darn uneventful lately. In summer, we would try to do something fun and outdoor-sy every week. But now that school has started, we basically have no time for such luxury we called "fun." We don't even watch as much TV now! And our RockBand set is just sitting there waiting for dust to accumulate.

Ever since my undergraduate years I have been wanting to go to grad school. For some strange reasons, I thought that's what I would enjoy. I can't say that I have made a mistake of going to grad school. But it just isn't easy-breezy anymore. There's so much reading every single day. It seems like I can never keep up with my reading assignments even if I study on the weekends! I am thinking of just getting my TESOL certificate and not going to get my MA TESOL. I am not in the MA program yet anyways, so it should be pretty easy to back out. By the way, unlike most masters programs, the BYU TESOL department divided the graduate program into two parts. One is TESOL cert (2 semesters) and one is MA TESOL (2 semesters). Everybody who wants to get their master's in TESOL must go through the cert program first.

I really am in a dilemma now. I don't think I like teaching at all. But it seems like TESOL is a great option for me if I am going home one day. If it only takes one more year to get my MA, I might as well do it, right? sigh~

One good thing about TESOL is since I am in the program, I am qualified to be a tutor at the English Learning Center (ELC). It is kind of a part of BYU, but not really. I started the job this week and I found out that my pay rate is $14.25! I was expecting only minimum wage or maybe 9 dollars. I only have to work 11 hours per week, so that gives me about 3 hours each day at the ELC. I had a really good time meeting and working with students from all over the world. This is the first job that I am actually very very very happy with. Pretty much no complain!

I am keeping very busy and am pushing myself really hard to do well in all the things I do. I try to cook new dish often, do pilate and yoga every other night, have Family Home Evening with Mr.L every week, practice playing piano everyday, and I even checked out some books from Provo library for leisure reading. I feel pretty great even though my life isn't as exciting and all over the place as it used to be.

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