Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story #310: Being inspired.

So I was notified again (this is the 6th time) that one of my pictures is being showcased on somebody's collection on Etsy. Obviously, there's a girl out there that really loves my photography.
This is her 3rd feature of my picture. Anyways, while browsing through her collections, I was inspired by other people's art.

and then....

a great idea hit me. I can take some artistic pictures and make them into postcards or calendar for my own use! Actually, I have SO MANY pictures that I took when I was bored that I really loved but never really showed them anywhere. I can use those pictures and make my own Calendar. My my...I love personalizing, customizing, making something uniquely ME.

While I was thinking of making my 2011 calendar, I remembered all the other projects that I said I wanted to do but didn't get around to do them. I feel so guilty! I need to do them!!! I think if I don't do them I am doing myself injustice because I am letting my talents go to waste! Actually, I don't really have talents in sewing or craft-making, I just wish I do.

Ok. I will do them. I promise. It might just take me a couple of years to get around to doing them. But eventually, they will be done. I swear.

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