Saturday, September 25, 2010

Story #312: I wanna go home...

I am having some serious home sickness lately. I guess coming down with a flu makes the home sickness a lot more serious.

I've been entertaining with the idea of going home for several months next summer. It's a GREAT idea. I am saving every penny I can spare for the trip home. It's fricking $1500 dollars round trip per person. But I don't really care. Now that I've gotten a job, the trip doesn't seem so impossible anymore.

There are just a couple of things that might prevent me from going home:

The school may require me to take some lame classes next summer and ruin my happiness.


Backstreet Boys's concert in SLC next June, which coincidentally is on the month I am planning to go home. Should I wait after their concert to go home? Is that even a choice?? My whole teenage years had been spent on dreaming about meeting Nick Carter one day! Home, BSB, home, BSB, home...


1 comment:

Lianna said...

Home, Hawaii? Home, Home? If you go home, home.... can we come with you and visit you? =)