Monday, October 11, 2010

Story #317: Today, I feel...

please note: this is not a poem

Today I am feeling blah.
I have a midterm, which I am not fully prepared for, in a couple of hours.
I gave a presentation this morning
and I was so nervous I swear I had bit my tongue, though I can't feel the pain
I think they are right about panic being the best anesthesia.
I am super sleepy because I just ate a fat lunch:
mash potato with butter and bacon bits,
chips and home-made salsa.
I feel like taking a long well-deserved nap.
but I can't!
because right after the midterm I'll have to rush to work,
where I would meet some foreign students that are sweet
and some that are ungrateful and think I can't DO English because I look Asian.
Hello! I am your tutor. I CAN do English.
I hope the work can end sooner
so I can come home to cook Diang Biang Ngu,
a succulent Fuzhou dish I have been craving for...
ever since I came back to the US.
It will be my first attempt and I hope I get it right.
I am so excited it.
Food = my first love after Mr.L

Alrighty then, I'll peace out now and talk to you later :)

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