Sunday, October 17, 2010

Story #318: Provo Canyon and me being sick

This weekend I felt terrible. I got food poisoning and had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. No kidding. I couldn't eat anything without feeling like I want to throw up. Luckily I didn't throw up even once. I slept for a long time because I had a fever as well. I used 4 covers because I felt so dang cold. On top of all that my lower back and my thighs were killing me. They hurt so bad that I couldn't turn or move my body. I suspect it was my high heel boots that I wore to school that day that caused the aches. Man, those mercy.

Because of the sickness I had to miss a meeting with my friend just returned from her mission! And what made me feel worse was I got a 78 in my syntax and morphology class. 78! Blasted 78! I think that is a C. I got wrong on 2 big questions that were 6 points each along with a few small ones that were only 1 point each. What made me so mad was the professor didn't even bother to indicate how many points each question was. I would've tried so much harder if I only knew those were 6 points each.

Well, thanks to my husband who restlessly nursed me back to health (he seriously lost sleep over me, and did the chores, took me to the doctor who said it wasn't food poisoning and that I didn't have a fever and didn't give me any medicine to take, got me medicines from the drug store, cooked me congee, gave me a blessing, and rocked me to sleep), I felt so much better the next morning. In fact, no more diarrhea!

We went to Provo Canyon to see the beautiful autumn scenery and took some pictures of ourselves. I love autumn. It's just beautiful and the weather was perfect. I wish it's like this all year long!

I posted our photo shoot picture on Facebook but here are some that are just the scenery pictures of Provo Canyon. Enjoy!

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