Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story #320: Today, I am...

I am updating my Twitter like crazy.
15 updates in less than a few hours.
What do I have so much to say?
I don't know either.
Just the things that I think to myself, I guess.
and I think a lot. about a lot of stuff. about random stuff.
If you have Twitter, add me. I need an audience.
But not a big audience like Facebook.
I only add close friends because though I disclose a lot about my personal life,
I kinda cherish my privacy too.
Hence, only close friends. that I like.

I am studying for my quiz tomorrow.
There's a lot to cover. Like a month worth of lessons.
I hope I do well.
I get very stressed out and I worry about the smallest things.

At work today
A girl from Taiwan told me she can't read my handwriting
because they are so squiggly.
I think she almost said messy.
Very smartly, I asked her if the paper that I wrote on was for her or her teacher.
She said her teacher.
And I said, very pointedly,
Why do I get offended?
Well, I am not really offended.
I just thought her comment unnecessary.

I watched the Truman Show last night.
Weird movie.
I don't know what to think of it.
It's just weird.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.
I went back to the specialist today for my blood tests and stuff.
He told me that I have a SUPER strong kidney
and that everything is normal for me.
Why do I still feel tugging and slight ache on my bladder then?
No idea.
Must not be something serious.
Don't worry about it.
Alrighty then. I came home happy that I am healthy
even though nobody can tell me why I had severe diarrhea and fever about a week ago
and why my bladder is still hurting.

I listened to
3 Rounds and A Sound
by Blind Pilot.
It makes me happy.
because I am in love.

Now I am going back to my studies.

Peace out.

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