Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Story #323: I am crazy about shoes.

No kidding. I have about 25 pairs of shoes if I am not mistaken. I have no space to put them in my tiny apartment but I still can't stop buying them! They complete my look. They complete my life. It's the one most important fashion accessory in the world!

Even since this summer I was looking for these 2 pairs of shoes.

I couldn't find them anywhere!!! More accurately, I couldn't find any cute ones because I am so picky when it comes to shoes. It's like searching for the perfect soul mate, the perfect match. It's about the looks (however shallow we may sound, we just can't deny that we have to be attracted to the outward appearance of someone, or something before we decide we want the relationship), the match, the feel, and *ahem* the price! As much as I love shoes, I wouldn't spend $100 on one!

It was so much easier to find cute shoes in Malaysia. Oh my, all the varieties we have there. But since I am in the US, my taste for shoes have become more Americanized. I can't really stand bows on the shoes, or sparklies, or whatever else they put on the shoes to make them look cutesy on cute Asians.

Anyhoo...I found these 2 perfect pairs of shoes at UrbanOutfitter online store. So precious! They were like the last few pairs and they barely had my size! and oh...they are like more than 50% off too! These 2 pairs of shoes were originally $50 dollars each. When I got them they were only $19! Yes I do have to pay for the shipping, but it's still so stinking cheap!!

Oh, the oxford are so comfy! The sandal was a little tight for my right foot (cause I got a size 6.5 instead of my original 7 size feet!), but still cute and good.

Love love love!

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Lia said...

I totally love to buy all my shoes in Taiwan because they are CHEAP, and no one else I know will have them. =)