Monday, November 08, 2010

Story #324: My next project: Stop Motion Film

Stop motion film has always been fascinating for me. I love the idea of it and I love the creativity behind it. I am so excited to be doing something similar with my friend, Vicky, soon. I'll also be doing something like that with Mr.L. I really can't wait for these projects to be done!!

If you don't know what stop motion movie is, take a look at the two videos below. They are so fun and creative! Basically, you'll need to come up with a concept, use many props, take thousands of pictures, and make them into a film. It'll be a lot of work but I think it'll be worth the time and effort. I am looking for songs to go with the films now. If you know of any songs with really light and happy beat, let me know!!

Simply Bloom photography. These 2 ladies are my favorite photographers. They are so creative and artistic. I love all their images! And this stop motion film was just fabulous!

The Girls with Glasses --Summer Bellessa (she's the editor for Eliza magazine. She's a Mormon and a model. I interviewed her in 2008 when I was in Hawaii. She's really nice!) and Brooke White (she's a Mormon too, and she was in the American Idol show with David Archuleta. I love her voice and her songs!).

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