Sunday, December 05, 2010

Story #326: Thanksgiving + My birthday + Everything in between

I haven't blogged about my life in a while. Life is pretty crazy towards the end of the year, I must say. I've been sick a lot lately as well, making life a little more challenging. I am writing this post just for the sake of recording what's been going on in our lives (do you ever read your old blog entries? I do).

Thanksgiving week: We went to Mr.L's uncle's house in Bluffdale for the Thanksgiving dinner. It was really fun because we got to see almost everybody from his dad's side of the family. I met them for the first time last year during Thanksgiving in San Antonio and I love them so much! You can read more about my last Thanksgiving in Texas here, here, and here (I love Texas!). So it was really nice to see all the cute cousins, the aunts and uncles, and the grandparents. We had really good food too! I love greenbean casserole. I need to learn how to make it. I brought my potato casserole to the dinner. Of course, we had turkey as well.

I wish I had taken more pictures but I was so busy eating and being lazy to take more than I wanted to. I did took some time to do a mini-photo shoot with one of the aunt's family. It was really challenging because it was crazy cold and the snow was like more than a foot deep. Everybody did well though. Forcing your smile and look completely happy and natural isn't the easiest thing when it's only 7 degree outside.

We went back to St.George the day after Thanksgiving to visit Mr.L's mom. I had forgotten how dry St.George was. My cough took a bad turn when I was down there for the weekend. I even coughed blood! I am better now though, don't worry. We also went to Las Vegas because I was DYING to shop at H&M and I knew they had new clothes coming in a couple of weeks prior to Thanksgiving. I didn't do any Black Friday shopping because I couldn't wake up so early.

The biggest Christmas tree that I saw so far. I love how you can also see a palm tree in the background. Vegas is cool!

Oh...I forgot to mention we had a Christmas photo shoot that day too before we drove down to SG.

On the day we were coming back to Provo, it snowed really bad in Southern Utah, mostly Cedar City. Normally it took us only about 3 and a half hour to drive back but it took us more than 7 hours that day. The road was terrible. It was icy and there were a few cars sliding off the road too. We were caught in the middle of the blizzard and the visibility was like 0! We also had to climb some elevation and we lost day light really early too. I was praying the whole time that we don't get in any accident or had to turn back. I was super stressed because I was sick, tired, scared, and had 2 assignments due that I hadn't completely finished and a presentation the next day. It was not a great Sunday for me.

On my birthday (Tuesday 11.30), Mr.L had to stay at school pretty much the whole day and I had a meeting to go to for my other presentation on Wednesday (2 presentation in a week is not fun!). So we didn't really celebrate it, except going to a Vietnamese noodle house for the BEST pho ever! Actually, we did have an early birthday celebration when we were in SG. So I wasn't sad that on the actual day of my birthday we didn't do anything elaborate. I did regret not to bake myself a cupcake though. I had bought these cute cupcake liners (animal pattern) and candles (animal patterns as well) from Etsy just so that I could bake some cupcakes for my birthday. Oh well, there's always other occasion I guess.

I can't believe I only have one more week of school and 2 finals left. I am so glad that despite my heavy procrastination this semester, I am able to turn in all of my assignments on time and got good grades on most of them. Now I only need to study for the finals and take the GRE before I leave Utah for California for the Christmas break. Time needs to slow down a little!

I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping, returned the books to the library before the due date, and finished designing our Christmas card. Man, I really am on top of everything! haha...

I am signing off now, good luck to all of you who are having your finals and if I don't come back for another blog post, Merry Christmas!!

Please wish me luck in my GRE test!!


Leighton Whiting said...

Good luck on your GRE test babe! Oh, and don't forget that you got lots of birthday presents too ;)

ivy ting said...

Good luck on your GRE!

Jules said...

you are going to do great on your GRE!!! You honestly have nothing to worry about :) I want to see more of your christmas photo shoot pictures... :)