Monday, January 03, 2011

Story #329: Happy 2011

When life gets crazy and busy, my blog usually suffers. I need to be more diligent in updating my blog. It's one of my New Year's resolution. Unlike Facebook, this blog is a lot more personal to me. Even though it is no longer private (you don't need an invite to read it), there aren't many people who know about its existence (since I don't advertise it on Facebook like I do my poor photography blog, which has not been updated since forever ago!). This blog is probably the closest to a journal for me (after high school I stopped keeping a journal altogether. That's a story for another day).

2010 was a great year for me and Mr.L. Let's see what we have accomplished:
-- I got my Visual Technologies certificate from Dixie State College (technically, I'm a designer!)
-- We went on our Honeymoon (after almost a year of being married) to San Francisco.
-- We celebrated our first Anniversary in a car workshop (our Ford Taurus was so old it decided to break down on one of the most important days of the year), and Zion National Park.
--We moved out of my mother-in-law's big house into a small apartment in Provo.
--We started school at BYU (me) and UVU (Mr.L).
-- I FINALLY got a job! (an ESL tutor)
-- We went on a couple of road trips and saw several National Parks
-- I spent my first white Thanksgiving (with a lot of white people and a lot of snow:))
-- I took the GRE test and did okay.
-- I finished my first semester at BYU and got a 3.8 for my GPA.
-- We bought our second car (a wonderful Hyundai Sonata 2010)
-- I got to see my mom and my sister again after almost 2 years! Yay!
-- We spent a fabulous Christmas and New Year in 3 states (California, Utah, and Nevada).

In 2011, I believe it is going to be another wonderful year filled with busy schedules and lots of fun events. My New Year's Resolution? To lose weight and eat healthily. & To live a better life (spiritually, emotionally, and physically). I don't want to set too many goals this year since a lot of my goals from last year are still not yet achieved. One needs to aim low shoot high, right?


Jules said...

"a lot of white people" haha
thought - I don't think your new years resolution should be to lose just might disappear! Eat healthy...don't lose weight :)
another thought - your new years resolution should be to talk to ME more!! mine is to keep in better contact with the people I love - that's you :) I'll be calling you soon!

Lia said...

Haha. That is funny Julie's resolution is the opposite of mine. Mine is to STOP talking to people that I don't need in my life! Like evil ex-boyfriends who call every 3 months just to make me sad, etc . . . I actually just deleted a bunch of people from facebook. haha

Well, I am glad you got to see your mom and sister! And I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I totally remember seeing your mom when she was here and it doesn't seem that long ago!

sharon said...

ex-bf who called every 3 months? haha... I deleted a lot of people from my Facebook yesterday too. But I am scared to offend people so I stuck a bunch of them in the "limited profile" group so that they won't be able to view my pictures and comments. haha... I need to make more friends though. It seems like my ability to make new friends disappeared when I got married!!! Help!

Jules said...

hahahaha you guys are crazy. I just want to hold on to the friends I already have!! But Sharon - it's SO true, making friends IS harder when you get married! It's because you're always looking for couple friends, so you all can hang out. It's so much better if you just don't even worry about it - I have friends in Gainesville Dusty hasn't even ever met! Isn't that weird?? We just always hang out at their place or somewhere else, go to lunch or something. Then again, Dusty is kind of anti-social, too, and really doesn't care - it took me awhile to grasp that concept, and it still bothers me sometimes. oh married life...