Thursday, January 06, 2011

Story #331: Let me introduce you to...

Xiao Bei.
short for Xiao Bao Bei,
which means little bundle of joy in Mandarin.
We got him at Disneyland.
He was the first thing I saw when I went in the store and I fell in love with it instantly.
It is so tiny, it's like a baby.
At this point, I am admitting that I want to have babies soon.
Not too soon though... just soon enough.
At the same time I think this is prove enough that I am not ready for a baby either.
I love a stuffed toy because there's no real commitment and late night baby-sitting.

Xiao Bei brought Mr.L and I so much laughter.
It's insane how that can be, right?
How can a stuffed animal give us so much joy?
Well, for one, we can't keep animals in our apartment, and that elevates the status of a stuffed toy in our lives.

Last night when I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed I heard Mr.L giggling and laughing to himself in our bedroom.
I went in the room and found him laying on the bed with our new stuffed Pooh bear and having the greatest time of his life.
I was all "What the...?"
So he showed me a dance he invented for Pooh.
I laughed so hard too.
We are so easily entertained.
I love my husband.
He's the best.
I love Xiao Bei too.
He truly is a bundle of joy--constantly smiling and very much unlike a real-life baby.


Leighton Whiting said...

LOL, now I'm blushing ~.~

Lia said...

Haha. I've seen people become really obsessed with pets when they are baby hungry but never a stuffed animal! =)

Although, I prefer stuffed animals to pets, so I might be the same.