Friday, February 11, 2011

Story #334: It's going to be the best weekend!

This weekend, I will be hanging out with my best friend: Chinese food:)

1. Tonight, I am making turnip cake. It's one of the Teochew food that I miss from back home. It takes a long time to make because it involves extended time of steaming and cooling. But I have been craving it for months and I finally decided to make it (I finally got around to buying some rice flour).

2. Tomorrow for dinner I will be making Siu Mai, one of the items in Chinese dim sum. Since the closest restaurant that serves dim sum is in Salt Lake, I figure I'll try making some just for the fun of it. I am not sure how it would turn out but I got a really neat video that teaches people how to make those little dumplings.

3. On Sunday night, I am inviting Mr.L's siblings over for the Chinese hot pot. The portable electric stove that I purchased online got here yesterday. I can't wait to show them what chinese hot pot is all about. Hopefully there won't be any complaints about cooking your own food at the table. I am super excited about it!

Because this past week had been pretty crappy for me (lots of stress and boredom), I have decided to cheer myself up with food. Mr.L is too busy playing Halo. But I am happy because I get to the things I like to do by myself :)

And I have a date with Naruto tonight. I've already watched about 130 episodes in a week!

Happy Weekend~


Lia said...

I LOVE 蘿蔔糕! But I tried to fry it for Chinese New Year and it kept sticking to the bottom of the pan and got ruined. =(

Hopefully Leighton's siblings like the 火鍋. Sometimes Americans get confused . . . haha. Remember everyone was confused at that Chinese New Year party at my house? haha.

Nikki said...

lol! Naruto used to be my favorite show (about 5 years ago), but I think I stopped watching after around episode 80 or something. How'd you get into it?

Oh, and by the way, you're awesome. I hope life is just wonderful for you!

ivy ting said...

NOt fair!!! When I was there we need to spend money to go out for steamboat now you only got it after i'm gone!!!!