Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Story #338:The troubles that Facebook brought me

K, first off, I'd just like to say that I usually don't do this -- writing about some people that annoy me on my blog (cause you never know who's reading!). But recently I read some comments and Facebook status that makes me wonder why people say what they say on Facebook. Personally, I like Facebook just cause it is the easiest way for me to communicate and keep in touch with people (everybody is on Facebook, even my mom! and it's just easier to add people on Facebook than trying to remember their email address), but I think it has become a tool for people to vent and bad-mouth others.

I admit that sometimes I feel so emotional and annoyed about something or someone that I would actually put it on my Facebook status. But I usually do so in Chinese, since I less friends who can read chinese so I thought maybe less damage is done. Lately, I've seen an increase of some of my acquaintances (some of them still in high school and some of them barely graduated from high school) who posted some really petty/nasty status on the Facebook. One of them talked about photography in particular, saying how nowadays photoshop is so over-used that everybody must edit their pictures before uploading them. Then she said something about somebody's photography who uses photoshop so much that the pictures turned out "butt-ugly". My first thought was, "I hope she's not talking about me!" Then, I thought, "There's no way she is talking about me!" Then I thought, "If she is talking about me then she must be a prideful and ungrateful little b***h". But my final thought is she isn't talking about me. I mean, hey...I don't overuse photoshop. I don't use photoshop enough! On the defense on whoever the girl is talking about (I kinda know who she is talking about), the editing softwares that everybody seems to be using now (piknik or whatever) is not really photoshop. You photoshop only when you are using the real Adobe Photoshop! I felt like commenting on her wall and say "Girl, don't criticize others when you don't even know how to use this word properly!" But of course I never will do so...unless if I find out she really is attacking me!

Tonight, I came across a status posted by this other girl who said something like "OHMYHOLYCRAP!!!! freakin people and their engagements!!!!!!!!!!!! wow." Normally, I wouldn't have cared. Some people just have a hard time with people being engaged, even though I think that they should be used to it by now, given that they are born and raised in Utah. Anywho...the reason I was a little pissed about what she said is she had ALWAYS been posting bitter posts like this and my sister-in-law happened to be engaged just recently, and she is a friend of our family. So, my first impression is she is talking about Chantelle! And so I thought, "What the crap, so and so, just cause you can't get Tyler(my bro-in-law), doesn't mean you need to be jealous about his sister!" I still think she's talking about Chantelle, but I might be wrong. Even if she's not talking about Chantelle, I don't understand why she gets all upset about people getting engaged!

I don't know why I even added these high-schoolers on my Facebook. Well, I know. They were my models when I was starting out and my neighbors in Toquerville. But I would never have thought that they were so mean-spirited! Again, I really don't like high-schoolers.And oh, I read so many crap that my high-school cousins posted on their Facebook as well. What is wrong with the high-schoolers?? I don't think I was ever like that! Maybe I was, I just never had Facebook to broadcast the annoyance caused by my teenage hormones.

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