Thursday, March 03, 2011

Story #340: I'm a zombie.

Another weekend without any plans. This is so unlike me! Last year we went to different events and places every weekend. I used to detest wasting my weekends cooped up at home doing nothing, I wanted to go out and see things. Now, I just feel like staying home watching Naruto and read books. What is wrong with me?!

Recently, I've lost my motivation to do well in my classes. There's a voice in my head that says, "Now that you're in the MA program, you don't have to work so hard anymore. Just produce mediocre works, procrastinate til the very last minute, and skip classes once in a while so you can take naps." And now, instead of doing my homework that's due first thing in the morning, I am here, blogging about nothing important. What is wrong with me?!

I feel like a zombie. I don't feel like going to my classes and work, cooking, shopping, going out with my friends. I just want to stay home, sleep, eat chips, lay on the couch and watch Naruto. I am turning into a pig @_@!!!!

Is there a way to snap out of this? I am beginning to think that I am turning into a recluse/meaningless old fart.

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Jules said...

you're not a zombie! haha or even that weird. I also feel like staying home, reading, lounging, watching movies, etc, - but luckily I have a husband who MAKES me go do things on the weekend, even when they involve driving for 2+ hours, which I really hate. But I do have to admit once we're out of the house I'm happy to be (out of the house). Just make yourself go exploring! Although, is it still cold/snowy in provo?? That's one thing I like about Florida, it's already springtime, and I've loving the sunny weather :)