Sunday, April 17, 2011

Story #345: Going home doesn't sound like such a good idea anymore

I am stressed. Not from finals or my research papers, but from the thought of going home. Why?
Well, there are a few sources:

1. packing. It is stressful. I tried packing today and my goal to bring only a hand-carry bag is not going to happen. I seriously tried to bring only 15 pieces of clothing, including 2 pairs of jeans. So I think I will go over my clothes again and reduce as many as I can so I can bring only a carry-on.

Question: Can I bring one carry-on bag, my purse, and a camera bag? Cause I thought we can only bring a carry-on and a personal bag and that's it.

Question 2: We booked an international flight and will be having a layover in LA for 5 hours on our way to Malaysia. So, would we have to pay for checked bags since it's an international flight? Would we have to pay for checked bags from Las Vegas to LA? It's a connecting flight and it is included in the whole flight package.

2. The thought of meeting with my high school friends is daunting! First of all, I have gained some weight. Not as skinny as a toothpick anymore. Second, they are all so tiny. Like Lia tiny. Very cute and skinny. So I would look like a giant next to them (which is why I hate being next to Lia in a picture, I always look HUGE!!). Sorry, Lia, I love you. I just hate me.

3. My friends are Chinese. That means they can be quite blunt. I am sure they WILL point out all my un-perfections. Wait, some of them already have! I am not saying that I need to live up to their expectations, but yea, there are things that just can't be shrugged off so easily.

So, I am dedicating the two weeks before I hop on the plane to detoxing, exercising, and healthy-dieting. Sounds so hard. I am not even sure if I can do any of it. Wish me luck!

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Lia said...

So you totally have the same worries I have about going to Taiwan! Since my face broke out SO badly last summer I still have all the marks from it (I'm sure you noticed last time we got together) and I just know that EVERYONE I see is going to point it out!!

Also, I wouldn't risk carrying an extra camera bag. Sometimes you can get away with it, but it depends on the gate agent and how full the flight is, etc ... so it's probably better just to carry a really huge purse so they don't stop you.